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Skyland - Le Nouveau Monde Disc 2 DVD 2005 Skyland - az új világ / Directed by Emmanuel Gorinstein / Starring: Tim Hamaguchi, Phoebe McAuley / Skyland, The New World / 5 episodes

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Skyland - Le Nouveau Monde Disc 2 DVD 2005 Skyland - az új világ / Directed by Emmanuel Gorinstein / Starring: Tim Hamaguchi, Phoebe McAuley / Skyland, The New World / 5 episodes

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AUDIO: English 2.0, French 2.0, Hungarian 2.0

Total Runtime: 110 minutes


English Summary:

Skyland (full French title: "Skyland, Le Nouveau Monde", or "Skyland, The New World"), is a CGI animated series developed in France in partnership with Canada and Luxembourg for television channels France 2, Teletoon, Nicktoons, ABC and CITV. The show is a co-production between Paris's Method Films and Toronto's 9 Story Entertainment. 

Prior to the beginning of the story, in the 23rd century, the Earth has shattered into billions of pieces which orbit around a central core. In this new world, named Skyland, an evolved form of human has appeared: Seijins, who absorb energy from sunlight and use it to fuel special abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy, mental control, astral projection, energy balls or blasts, and electric rays.

The Skyland is ruled by the Sphere: an organization which controls the water supplies, and maintains its power by Guardians, Seijins indoctrinated and trained from childhood. This dictatorship is fought by pirates. After the capture of their mother by the Sphere, protagonists Mahad and Lena, a young Seijin still learning to control her powers, are rescued by a group of pirates, and join the pirate rebellion.


Episodes on DISC 2 (Season 1):

6    "Eye of the Storm"   
An impending hurricane threatens a sector of Skyland and it's up to Cortes and the Saint Nazaire to rescue refugees left stranded. While investigating a deserted ice block, the storm overpowers the Hyperion leaving Mahad and Dahlia stranded. Back on Puerto Angel, Lena becomes concerned with Mahad's absence. Mahad and Dahlia realize that the heavy wind is pushing their ice block towards Puerto Angel. The only way to stop it is by detonating the reactor core of their ship and breaking up the deadly collision. Mahad tells Wayan of his plan and Lena, overhearing, fears for her brother's life. With all of her strength, she harnesses the power of the lightning to melt the ice block allowing Mahad and Dahlia to escape safely in the Hyperion.
7    "Mutiny"   
While out on patrol, the Saint Nazaire shoots down a wayward Sphere patroller and rescues a small family of Seijin escapees. Bringing them on-board, Cortes and the pirates realize too late that the "parents" are actually Sphere agents transporting a young girl, Celia, as their prisoner. The rebels find themselves imprisoned on their own ship and must act quickly to free themselves before Oslo and Diwan reach them. With the help of Lena, Celia's powers awaken and together they overcome the two agents in time.
8    "Manipulations"  
A solar phenomenon has unusual effects on Seijin powers which allows Oslo to take control of Dahlia in an effort learn the coordinates of the pirate hideout. He uses Dahlia to attack Puerto Angel's water storage tank, and pin the blame on Lena. Mahad is bewildered and more than a little angry at the change in Dahlia, who is really trying to fight her way free of Oslo's control. Lena is also feeling the effects of the solar phenomenon, and is uncertain of her own innocence. She turns to the Vector for help, and together they discover that Oslo is responsible. Lena uses her powers to get into Dahlia's head, and although she isn't strong enough to fight against Oslo, she convinces Dahlia that no one should be able to boss her around in her own body.
9    "King for a Day"   
Deciding that Mahad needs a lesson in responsibility, Cortes leaves him in charge of Puerto Angel while the Saint Nazaire goes to retrieve some unguarded water. Mahad makes the most of the opportunity and decides to declare a 'Mahad Day', complete with celebrations. But the fun is soon over when the threat of a fleet of Sphere ships reaches the pirate block. Mahad is certain something's fishy, and sure enough it turns out to be a hoax played by Cortes. Mahad calls him on it, and then refuses to listen when Cortes warns him that there really is a Sphere patroller on the way.
10    "Red Rock People"   
Mahad and Lena receive a distress call from their father and go off in search of him. Unknowingly, Oslo follows them, and they all end up stranded on a block that contains an indestructible monster.


French Summary:

Skyland est une série télévisée d'animation franco-canadienne en 26 épisodes de 26 minutes, créée par Alexandre de la Patellière, Matthieu Delaporte et Emmanuel Gorinstein d'après une idée originale d'Emmanuel Gorinstein. Les deux premiers épisodes ont été diffusés en même temps dans plusieurs pays le 26 novembre 2005, en France à partir du 8 avril 2006 sur France 2, au Canada depuis le 8 avril 2006 sur Télétoon. Par la suite la série a été diffusée sur Canal J.

Année 2451 : La Terre s'est disloquée en millions de blocs dérivants. Dans cet univers où l’eau est devenue rarissime, Mahad et Lena partent à la recherche de leur mère, enlevée par la Sphère, la terrible dictature qui fait régner l’ordre dans ce nouveau monde. Résolus à la retrouver par tous les moyens, Mahad, vraie tête brûlée, et sa sœur Lena, jeune Seijin découvrant la nature de ses pouvoirs télékinésiques, explorent cet univers éclaté : le Skyland.


Hungarian Summary:

A 23. században járunk. A föld milliónyi lebegő szilánkra zúzódott szét. A víz vált a világ legfontosabb természeti erőforrásává. A Szféra gonosz zsarnoki hatalma ellenőrzi a a vízkészletet a Guardian-ok segítségével. A félember Guardianokat a SEIJIN-ek közül verbuválják. A seijinek természetfeletti hatalmát a napfény élteti. Néhány Seijin megszökött és csatlakozott a lázadó szabad kalózokhoz, így egyesülve az elnyomás ellen. Ők ma a szabadság egyedüli letéteményesei.


Epizódok a lemezen - 1 évad:

  1. A vihar szeme (Eye of the Storm)
  2. Zendülés (Mutiny)
  3. Mesterkedések (Manipulations)
  4. Pünkösdi királyság (King for a Day)
  5. A vörös szikla népe (Red Rock People)


Main characters

  • Mahad (voice: Tim Hamaguchi, performer: Julien Girbig) - Age 17. Mahad is full of life, a show off, likable, charming, full of himself and adventurous. When he was younger, he was always unhappy because he didn't have a father and his mother was a lot like Lena. In pilot school, he was always in detention due to making extreme moves on the simulator. Though not a Seijin, his goal is to free his mother. Until that time, he will slug it out with the Sphere. Though young, Mahad is unequalled as a pilot of his father's ship the Hyperion and after him, he is the best pilot in all of Skyland. Though his younger sister, Lena, always insists Dahlia is "too old for him", Mahad keeps trying to convince Dahlia he's the guy for her. He has enormous, often misplaced, self-confidence. His weapon of choice is his boomerang.
  • Lena (voice: Phoebe McAuley, performer: Christelle Ouvrard) - Age 12. Intelligent, reasonable, calm but determined, impetuous. When someone she loves is in danger, Lena is a very mature, and formidable, 12-year-old girl. She alternates between carefree playing and grim determination. Adventure isn't an end in itself, only a necessary step along the way. Lena is a powerful Seijin, believed by Oslo to be the 'Lady of Light' from the prophecy. She has the powers of telekinesis and telepathy, as well as other abilities such as powering energy and creating energy bolts and balls, projecting memories, and remotely sensing the presence of things and people. She can even levitate herself to great heights, as seen during an aerial battle with Diwan in the episode Heart of the Arena. She is beginning to control her telekinesis, but it tires her quickly. She has still very little control over her telepathy.
  • Aran Cortes (voice: Jack Langedijk, performer: Dominic Gould) - Age 37. Gruff, moody, severe and just, with a tendency to be blasé (but still a rebel deep down). He's aware of his responsibilities as "father figure" and protector of Puerto Angel. Often complains that he has no idea why he listens to "kids" (particularly Mahad and Lena). He tends to show his anger physically, often punching a wall or banging his fist on a console when frustrated. Cortes was part of the original Pirate Rebellion and knew Marcus Farrell "by reputation." His weapon of choice is a shotgun. In the English dub, he has a dubious Scottish accent. Despite wearing his uniform with the Pirate crest even when "off duty" in Puerto Angel, Cortes "personalizes" it with a Tartan instead of a belt. He knew Cheng's mother before she was supposedly killed, and seemed to have had a soft spot for her.
  • Cheng (voice: Cameron Ansell, performer: Max Gruber and Emile Kaczorowski) - Age 12. Cheng, despite his incredible intellect, is really still a child. He loves to fool around: missions are like video games in the great outdoors and he loves to play practical jokes on people. He is a very good hacker. He'll do anything for attention, like speaking in rhymes. He also has a crush on Celia. Cortes is his foster father. His parents were Pirate scientists that he believes are deceased. He thinks his only living relative is his grandfather, Tybald Ye, a scientist who is truly on the Pirates' side but pretends to be a Sphere supporter. His weapon of choice is a laser bazooka.
  • Dahlia (voice: Alyson Court, performer: Tadrina Hocking) - Age 20. She has moved into the world of adults but is nevertheless attracted to Mahad's rebellious and youthful spirit, as well as his love for freedom. She finds Mahad's arrogance both irritating and appealing, which sets an interesting tension between them. She seems to enjoy giving Mahad grief. In "Eye of the storm", she nearly kissed Mahad had Lena not saved them. She often acts "serious" in order to distinguish herself from the "kids" but she breaks down from time to time and shows her mischievous side. She is proud to fight alongside Cortes and protect the people of Puerto Angel. She is a valued member of the pirates. Her weapon of choice is an energy bow and arrow. Mahad and others who disobey her are often quick to see the sharp side of her tongue.


Genre Action-adventure
Science fiction
Created by Emmanuel Gorinstein
Alexandre de La Patellière
Mathieu Delaporte
Starring Tim Hamaguchi
Phoebe McAuley
Composer(s) Paul Intson
Country of origin France
Original language(s) French
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26 (list of episodes)
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Method Films
9 Story Entertainment


Skyland - Le Nouveau Monde Disc 2 DVD 2005 Skyland 1

Skyland - Le Nouveau Monde Disc 2 DVD 2005 Skyland 1

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