Chinese Shen Edition Holy Bible / Scripture Resource Center / SR80A Series / Black Hardcover with golden edges

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Chinese Shen Edition Holy Bible / Scripture Resource Center

SR80A Series / Black Hardcover with golden edges / SR83A1.1 / UV83A 圣经和合本-新标点(神版)大字版精装金边

Product Features

  • Title: Chinese Shen Edition Holy Bible - Black Hardcover with Golden Edges
  • Cover: Black Hardcover with Golden Edges
  • Version: New Chinese Version (Shen Edition)
  • Language: Chinese
  • Publisher: Scripture Resource Center
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • ISBN: 978-9575563752, 9575563751
  • Pages: 1254
  • Size: 17.5 cm x 4 cm x 24.5 cm


The Chinese Shen Edition Holy Bible, published by the Scripture Resource Center in 2001, is a beautifully crafted religious text. This edition features a durable black hardcover with golden page edges, enhancing both its elegance and durability. The New Chinese Version (Shen Edition) is known for its accuracy and readability, making it a valuable resource for Chinese-speaking Christians. The large print format ensures ease of reading for all age groups.

Interesting Facts

  • Shen Edition: This edition uses the term "Shen" (神) for God, reflecting a traditional and theologically rich term in Chinese Christian translations.
  • New Chinese Version: The New Chinese Version is appreciated for its modern language and faithful representation of the original scriptures.
  • Golden Page Edges: The golden edges not only add a touch of luxury but also protect the pages, ensuring the Bible's longevity.
  • Large Print: The large print format (大字版) makes it easier for readers of all ages to engage with the text.
  • Publisher: The Scripture Resource Center, based in Taipei, Taiwan, is dedicated to producing high-quality religious texts and study materials for Chinese-speaking communities.


Scripture Resource Center

The Scripture Resource Center, located in Taipei, Taiwan, is committed to providing high-quality Bibles and religious study materials. Their mission is to ensure that Chinese-speaking Christians have access to accurate and beautifully presented scriptures. They are known for their dedication to excellence in religious publishing.


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Overview (Chinese)



Interesting Facts (Chinese)


  • 神版: 这个版本使用“神”来指代上帝,反映了中文基督教翻译中的传统和神学丰富性。
  • 新标点和合本: 新标点和合本以其现代语言和忠实的经文翻译而受到赞赏。
  • 金色书边: 金色书边不仅增添了一抹奢华感,还保护了书页,确保《圣经》的耐用性。
  • 大字版: 大字版使所有年龄段的读者都能更容易地阅读文本。
  • 出版商: 位于台北的圣经资源中心致力于提供高质量的《圣经》和宗教学习资料,确保讲中文的基督徒能够获得准确且美观的经文。

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