Chinese Language Hong Kong Edition STREAMS IN THE DESERT With Topical Index Smallest Pocket Edition SA1501A PAPERBACK Mrs. Charles E. Cowman

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Chinese Language Version STREAMS IN THE DESERT With Topical Index 

Smallest Pocket Edition 



Author:  Lettie Cowman

Published and Printed in Hong Kong

Traditional Chinese Characters

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 526 pages
  • Publisher: Tien Dao Publishing Ltd.
  • Language: Chinese Traditional
  • ISBN-13: 978-9626751510


Few books ever attain such a widespread recognition and perennial appeal as Streams in the Desert. Now over seventy years since its first publication, this marvelous devotional by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman has established itself firmly in the ranks of the Christian classics. Written from Mrs. Cowman's rich experiences with life, from its dry wastelands to its well-watered gardens, Streams in the Desert is a legacy of faith and wisdom that is time-tested faithfully to the One who alone can slake their spiritual thirst. In the midst of today's fast-paced world, the wisdom of Streams in the Desert remains refreshing, relevant and trustworthy. Turn to it daily, tune out the clamor of living, and let these prayerful writings inspire fresh hope, confidence, and a deep awareness of God's presence in your life.



Lettie Burd Cowman (March 3, 1870 – April 17, 1960), also known as L.B. Cowman, was an American writer and author of the devotional books Streams in the Desert and Springs in the Valley. Cowman published her books under the author name Mrs. Charles E. Cowman. She was also one of the co-founders of The Oriental Missionary Society (later known as OMS International, and eventually One Mission Society).


Cowman was not seeking success during the time she wrote it. When the book was being printed, her publisher was certain they would never publish more than the original printing of 3,000. Yet, many readers found they could connect with Streams because it “spoke to those who had difficulty relating their own sufferings to the noble and eternal purposes of a loving and all-wise God." Cowman often stated, “I did not write Streams. God gave me Streams.”

《荒漠甘泉》的作者是美國傳道人考門夫人,她與她丈夫除了於美國服過神職外,也曾一起在東亞傳教達廿年之久。這本書是她在其丈夫重病時開始提筆所著,記錄了她的靈修生活,以及如何在苦難當中如何藉由基督教的禱告來獲得「盼望、忍耐與喜樂」。該書以日記形式書寫,其內文引言主要以《聖經》為依據,也引入了其他神學著作中的段句,並結合夫妻二人的見證和靈修生活,對《聖經》中某些經文展開了非常深入的闡釋。教導人們如何通過閱讀聖經聆聽「神」的話語並明白神的旨意。荒漠甘泉全書雖宗教味濃厚,但因為該書內文流暢且不落俗套,因此1920年發行後,不但在美國發行量很高,更曾被譯為數十種文字,通行於全世界。比較特殊的是,該書閱讀者不盡然全是基督教信徒。 唐醒和袁周潔民翻譯的節譯本,受到中國基督徒的歡迎。到1947年已經增印到第8版。也有人說這本書的中譯本由蔣夫人宋美齡在重慶時親自翻譯,供蔣介石靈修之用,1942年蔣夫人赴美之前初版出版。

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