Chaldean Neo-Aramaic Language New Testament, Black Hardcover

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Chaldean Neo-Aramaic Language New Testament

Product Details:

  • Author: Bible Society
  • Cover: Hardcover
  • Edition: 2015
  • Publisher: Bible Society
  • Language: Chaldean Neo-Aramaic
  • SKU: 700535069403


The Chaldean Neo-Aramaic New Testament presented in a durable black hardcover binding is a spiritual treasure for those belonging to the Chaldean Christian community and for scholars interested in the linguistic heritage of Aramaic languages. This edition, published by the Bible Society in 2015, offers the sacred texts of the New Testament in the vernacular Chaldean Neo-Aramaic language, which is used by Chaldean Christians in parts of Iraq, Iran, and the diaspora.

The Chaldean Neo-Aramaic dialect is a modern iteration of the Aramaic language, which has a rich historical context as a lingua franca of the Near East for many centuries and is known for being one of the languages spoken by Jesus Christ. This makes the New Testament in Chaldean Neo-Aramaic not just a religious document but also an important cultural artifact.

Cultural and Historical Significance:

The Aramaic language has a profound place in Christian history. It's deeply intertwined with the cultural and spiritual lives of Chaldean Christians. By preserving the scriptures in this living language, the connection between the ancient apostolic traditions and the contemporary faith community is maintained and strengthened.

Spiritual Significance:

For believers, this text serves as a direct link to the apostolic roots of Christianity, enabling them to read the words of the New Testament in a language that echoes the one in which these texts were first proclaimed. It's a meaningful way to experience the teachings of the Bible, providing a more intimate connection to the Christian faith.

Thematic Elements:

Through its passages, readers will explore themes of faith, redemption, and the teachings of Jesus Christ as they were shared in the early Church. It also serves as a testament to the enduring nature of the Christian faith across languages and cultures.


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