BROWN Leather Bound MODERN CHINESE - ENGLISH Bilingual Holy Bible / Golden Edges CNV - ESV

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BROWN Leather Bound MODERN CHINESE - ENGLISH Bilingual Holy Bible / CNV - ESV / Cross Zipper, Golden Edges / Chinese New Version - English Standard Version / Shen Edition


Product Features


Title: BROWN Leather Bound MODERN CHINESE - ENGLISH Bilingual Holy Bible
Translations: Chinese New Version (CNV) - English Standard Version (ESV)
Publisher: Bible Society (2012)
Language: Chinese, English
ISBN-10: 9888124609
ISBN-13: 978-9888124602 / 9789888124602
Pages: 2080 pages
Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.6 x 1.1 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds

This special edition bilingual Holy Bible combines the Chinese New Version (CNV) and the English Standard Version (ESV), offering a unique reading experience for both Chinese and English speakers. The CNV text employs simplified characters, catering to readers in Mainland China, including students and newcomers to the faith. The ESV text follows the revised 2011 version, ensuring a contemporary and faithful translation of the Scriptures.


Dive into the depths of God's Word with the BROWN Leather Bound MODERN CHINESE - ENGLISH Bilingual Holy Bible. This edition is not just a religious text but a bridge between cultures, languages, and hearts seeking divine truth. Whether you are a native Chinese speaker, an English speaker, or someone learning either language, this Bible serves as an invaluable resource for personal study, teaching, and meditation. Its dual-language format allows readers to explore the richness of the Bible in two widely spoken languages, offering a broader understanding and appreciation of its teachings.

Interesting Facts

  • Language Accessibility: The use of simplified Chinese characters makes this Bible particularly accessible to the vast majority of Chinese readers, especially beneficial for those in Mainland China.
  • Textual Clarity: Large, bold print facilitates easy reading for all, including older readers and those new to the Bible.
  • Cultural Bridge: This bilingual edition serves as a cultural and linguistic bridge, supporting Chinese-speaking communities worldwide in their spiritual journey alongside English speakers.
  • Educational Tool: Beyond its spiritual value, this Bible is an excellent tool for language learners and educators, providing a meaningful context for language study.

Key Credits

  • Translation Teams: The CNV and ESV translation teams, comprised of scholars and theologians, worked meticulously to provide accurate, readable, and faithful translations of the Bible.
  • Publisher: Bible Society, known for its commitment to making the Bible accessible to people in their heart language, published this unique bilingual edition in 2012.


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