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The world’s first Christian Dengbej (classic, traditional Kurdis music) album has been completed.

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The world’s first Christian Dengbej (classic, traditional Kurdis music) album has been completed.

After three years of labor the album Stranen Piroz is ready to be offered to music lovers. The project was designed and produced by Şafak Mehmetoğlu with the vocals performed by the Kurdish musician and singer Mihemedê Serhedî. The aim of the album is to present the life of the Messiah, His teachings, and the gospel of salvation in an understandable and enjoyable way, with a special focus on those who prefer oral communication.

The album was recorded at various times in 2017 and 2018 in Istanbul. It is composed of three main sections and 23 songs. The first section focuses on the life of Jesus Christ, the second on His teaching, and the third on His miracles. The words to the songs come directly from the Kurdish version of the Gospels of the New Testament with no change in even a single word.

The Dengbej music style possesses a very important place in Kurdish music culture. Although Dengbej may be compared to the dirge in Turkish oral literature, it varies rather significantly in content. Dengbej generally consists of stories told through song with improvised music.. Unlike the dirge, however, Dengbej does not focus only on sad events. With its retelling of social events and movements, love stories, wars, and even religious wars, Dengbej has charted new paths in both literature and music.

Although the words to the songs are taken directly from the Gospels, all melodies on the album are improvised according to Dengbej style. This improvisation contributes to the uniqueness of the album. The combination of all the album’s features results in a product that is unparalleled in the Christian music world.

Stranen Piroz is being offered free of charge on its official web site (stranenpiroz.com) and via other music platforms. The album is also distinguished by the fact that, although it comes with a cover and DVD case, it has not been recorded on DVD. It is being offered to listeners via SD card found inside the DVD case. Furthermore, by using the QR code found on the album cover listeners can visit the album web site and stream the songs online or download them to iOS and Android telephones. Additionally, bulk orders are accepted from organizations and individuals.

For detailed information, please contact us at info@stranenpiroz.com.

Album Name: Stranen Piroz (Holy Songs)

Album Language: Kurmanji Kurdish

Recording Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Vocals: Mihemedê Serhedî

Design and Production: Şafak Mehmetoğlu

Recording Date: 2017-18

Release Date: April 2019

Official Web Site: stranenpiroz.com

Contact: info@stranenpiroz.com

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