Bach: Cello Suites - Anne Gastinel / Strings of Perfection: Anne Gastinel's Artful Rendition of Bach's Cello Masterpieces / Naïve 2x Audio CD 2007 / V 5121

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Bach: Cello Suites - Anne Gastinel / Strings of Perfection: Anne Gastinel's Artful Rendition of Bach's Cello Masterpieces / Naïve 2x Audio CD 2007 / V 5121

UPC: 822186051214 


Anne Gastinel (born 14 October 1971) is a French cellist and professor.


Label: Naïve – V 5121
2 x CD, Album
Country: France
Genre: Classical
Style: Baroque


The two-disc audio CD set "Bach: Cello Suites - Anne Gastinel," released by Naïve in 2007, stands as a notable tribute to the timeless compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach. Focused on Bach's six suites for solo cello, this album highlights the significance of these pieces, which are considered among the most important in the cello repertoire.

Bach's suites are a testament to his exceptional ability in crafting music for solo instruments. Each suite comprises a series of dances, such as allemandes, courantes, sarabandes, and gigues, culminating in a final gigue in each suite. The structural complexity and emotional depth embedded in these compositions showcase Bach's mastery of the art.

Anne Gastinel's rendition of these suites is widely acclaimed as one of the finest modern interpretations. Her performance is characterized by a remarkable blend of technical brilliance and emotional expression, successfully capturing the nuanced beauty and intricate nature of Bach's music.

Included in the two-disc set is a booklet featuring informative liner notes. These notes offer valuable context and analysis of the suites, shedding light on the intricacies of Bach's compositions. Additionally, the booklet provides background information on Anne Gastinel, offering insights into her approach to interpreting Bach's music.

"Bach: Cello Suites - Anne Gastinel" is not only a must-have for enthusiasts of classical music but also a splendid addition to any collection of Bach's recordings. The album not only showcases the timeless beauty and power inherent in Bach's compositions but also highlights Anne Gastinel's exceptional talent as a cellist. It serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of Bach's music and the interpretive prowess of a gifted performer. 



    Suite Pour Violoncelle N° 1 En Sol Majeur | Cello Suite No.1 In G Major BWV 1007  
1-1   Prélude 2:18
1-2   Allemande 5:12
1-3   Courante 2:28
1-4   Sarabande 3:05
1-5   Menuet I & II 3:03
1-6   Gigue 1:39



Suite Pour Violoncelle N° 4 En Mi Bémol Majeur | Cello Suite No.4 In E Flat Major BWV 1010

1-7   Prélude 4:26
1-8   Allemande 4:58
1-9   Courante 3:24
1-10   Sarabande 4:46
1-11   Bourrée I & II 5:06
1-12   Gigue 3:00



Suite Pour Violoncelle N° 5 En Ut Mineur | Cello Suite No.5 In C Minor BWV 1011

1-13   Prélude 5:46
1-14   Allemande 6:46
1-15   Courante 2:22
1-16   Sarabande 2:45
1-17   Gavotte I & II 4:59
1-18   Gigue 3:13



Suite Pour Violoncelle N° 2 En Ré Mineur | Cello Suite No.2 In D Minor BWV1008

2-1   Prélude 3:41
2-2   Allemande 3:55
2-3   Courante 2:11
2-4   Sarabande 4:21
2-5   Menuet I & II 3:00
2-6   Gigue 2:33



Suite Pour Violoncelle N° 3 En Ut Majeur | Cello Suite No.3 In C Major BWV 1009

2-7   Prélude 2:58
2-8   Allemande 3:42
2-9   Courante 3:09
2-10   Sarabande 3:56
2-11   Bourrée I & II 3:53
2-12   Gigue 3:13



Suite Pour Violoncelle N° 6 En Ré Majeur | Cello Suite No.6 In D Major BWV 1012

2-13   Prélude 4:47
2-14   Allemande 7:38
2-15   Courante 3:26
2-16   Sarabande 5:29
2-17   Gavotte I & II 4:21
2-18   Gigue 4:12
  • CelloAnne Gastinel
  • Composed ByJohann Sebastian Bach
  • EngineerPierre-Antoine Signoret
  • Liner NotesAnne Gastinel, Jean-Louis Ezine, Norbert Zauberman
  • Liner Notes [Translated By]Charles Johnston
  • Photography ByStéphane Gallois
  • ProducerJean-Pierre Loisil

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