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Arabic New Testament in Black Paperback Cover / العهد الجديد العربي / Pocket Size / Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry 2018

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Arabic New Testament in Black Paperback Cover / العهد الجديد العربي /Pocket Size / Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry 2018

Leather bound 2018

Publisher: Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry

Language: Arabic / عربي


Paperback. Two column text.


Arabic is a Semitic language spoken primarily across the Arab world. Having emerged in the 1st century, it is named after the Arab people; the term "Arab" was initially used to describe those living in the Arabian Peninsula, as perceived by geographers from ancient Greece.

Arabic is traditionally written with the Arabic alphabet, a right-to-left abjad. This alphabet is the official script for MSA. Colloquial varieties were traditionally not written, however, with the emergence of social media, the amount of written dialects has significantly increased online. Besides the Arabic alphabet, dialects are also often written in Latin from left to right or in Hebrew characters (in Israel)[3] with no standardized orthography. Maltese and Hassaniya are the only varieties officially written in a Latin alphabet.


Arabic translations of the Bible constitute one of the richest traditions of Bible transmission. Translations of the Bible into Arabic were produced by Arabic-speaking Jews (Rabbanite and Karaite), Christians, and Samaritans. Even though Arabic was spoken by Jews and Christians before the advent of Islam, running Arabic translations of the Bible are attested in manuscripts only from the 9th century CE onwards. So far, no evidence could be adduced that Arabic Bible translations were available in the milieu in which the text of the Quran emerged, which, however, is heavily influenced by biblical and para-biblical narratives. Before that, quotations from the Bible (so-called testimonia) were used in Arabic especially by Christian apologists. However, they probably were not relying on already existing translations of biblical books.








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