Amharic language Bible - Black Vinyl Cover / United Bible Societies 1962 / R052PL

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Amharic language Bible - Burgundy Vinyl Cover

United Bible Societies 2015 / R032PL

Product Features

  • Format: Vinyl Bound
  • Pages: Not specified
  • Publisher: United Bible Societies
  • Language: Amharic / አማርኛ (Amarəñña)
  • ISBN: 9789966274229 / 978-9966274229
  • ISBN-10: 9966274227
  • Special Features: Burgundy vinyl cover


The "Amharic Language Bible" with a Burgundy Vinyl Cover is a comprehensive edition of the Holy Bible in Amharic, one of the Ethiopian Semitic languages. Published by the United Bible Societies in 2015, this edition offers a durable and elegant burgundy vinyl binding. Amharic is spoken as a first language by the Amharas and as a lingua franca by other populations in Ethiopia, serving as the working language of the country.

Interesting Facts

  • Linguistic Heritage: Amharic is part of the Ethiopian Semitic languages, within the Afroasiatic language family. It evolved from a mix of Cushitic and Semitic languages, facilitating communication among diverse linguistic groups.
  • Geographical Spread: Amharic is the second-most common language in Ethiopia, with over 21 million speakers as of 2007. It is the second-most commonly spoken Semitic language globally, after Arabic.
  • Writing System: Amharic is written using the Fidäl script, which is derived from the Ge'ez script. The term Fidäl means "script" or "alphabet" and refers to the abugida system used in Ethiopian Semitic languages.


United Bible Societies

The United Bible Societies is a global fellowship of Bible societies dedicated to translating, publishing, and distributing the Bible worldwide, making the scriptures accessible to people in their heart languages.


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