The New Testament / A Translation by William Barclay / Publisher: ARTHUR JAMES LIMITED, 1988

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The New Testament  / A Translation by William Barclay / Publisher: ARTHUR JAMES LIMITED, 1988


  • Language: English
  • Page numbers: 589


William Barclay's rendering of the New Testament, first published in 1969, continues to be one of the freshest and most readable translations available. It is here in the words of Holy Scripture, the inspiration behind Barclay's widely read Daily Study Bible series, that his brilliant skills as a scholar and communicator reach their zenith.Barclay's aim in this translation is twofold: to make the New Testament intelligible for those who are not scholars, and to make a translation that does not need a commentary to explain it. The enduring success of Barclay's translation suggests that both aims have been fully realized.

All that comes from the fertile pen of Dr William Barclay is of interest. Into his translation of the New Testament he has squeezed a great deal of that gift for lucid explanation which has made his books and notes so deservedly populat
Glasgow Herald
This is Barclay at his best a memorable work
Church of England Newspaper.
Much more than a translation...
Catholic Herald
This is a volume to be welcomed and used... Its excellence is guaranteed by the scholarship of the translator.
Sunday Telegraph
What gives this translation its particular interest is Dr Barclay's avowed intention to make this New Testament directly intelligible without the necessity of accompanying commentary. There is no doubt that the aim is night and this attempt of a very high order indeed. This is not just another translation, it adds something to what has already been achieved.
This is a new edition of an outstanding translation of the New Testament by a scholar who had exceptional gifts.


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