The New Ewe Pulpit Bible published as Biblia - The Words of Christ in Red

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The New Ewe Pulpit Bible published as Biblia

The Words of Christ in Red / Huge Size, Maps, Foot Notes & Illustrations 083P

Product Details

  • Hardcover
  • Language: Ewe
  • ISBN-10: 996400141X
  • ISBN-13: 978-9964001414/9789964001414
  • Product Dimensions: 12.8 x 9 x 1 inches


The New Ewe Pulpit Bible, known as Biblia, is a comprehensive and beautifully crafted edition tailored for Ewe-speaking communities. This edition features the words of Christ in red, maps, footnotes, and illustrations, making it an invaluable resource for clergy, scholars, and laypeople alike. Its large size is perfect for pulpit use, ensuring clarity and readability during sermons and study sessions.

Product Features

Words of Christ in Red

This Bible highlights the words of Jesus Christ in red, making it easier for readers to identify and reflect on His teachings.

Large Size

With dimensions of 12.8 x 9 x 1 inches, this Bible is designed for pulpit use, providing clear and readable text for public readings and personal study.

Maps, Footnotes, and Illustrations

Includes detailed maps, comprehensive footnotes, and beautiful illustrations that enhance understanding and provide deeper insights into the Scriptures.

Durable Hardcover

The hardcover binding ensures longevity, making it suitable for frequent use in various settings, including churches, study groups, and personal devotion.

Language: Ewe

This edition is specifically translated into Ewe, catering to the linguistic and cultural needs of Ewe-speaking communities, primarily in Ghana and Togo.

Interesting Facts

  • Cultural Significance: The Ewe language is spoken by millions in Ghana and Togo. This Bible serves as an important tool for religious instruction and cultural preservation within these communities.
  • Enhanced Study Tools: The inclusion of maps, footnotes, and illustrations provides a richer reading experience, aiding in the contextual understanding of biblical events and locations.
  • Pulpit Bible: Its large size and clear layout make it particularly suitable for use during church services, ensuring that passages can be easily read from a distance.


Bible Society

The Bible Society is renowned for its dedication to translating and distributing the Bible in numerous languages worldwide. Their work on the New Ewe Pulpit Bible exemplifies their commitment to making the Scriptures accessible to diverse linguistic groups.


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Overview (Ewe Translation)

Dzigbordi loo: Bible Pulpit Fofor Ewe, wotia le dzodzinam detsi be Biblia, wɔwɔ agbalẽ tsɔem medze kple dzo, mɔwo, Yeyeviwo kple kɔnta akpe dewo, wozĩ be ye mía me Dzẽ Konyi kple mɔwo vɛ aʋlẽ blibo kple nyɔnyo kple glẽe duxɔ, dɔ, kple kpemkpeŋŋ lɔlɔ̃ dzodzinam yi blibo ko ne ɖokuiwo, agbenɔviawo kple tsɔlɔ̃wo si wɔ lɛ. Eyae lɛ gbe lɔ̃ko ne yɔ Yesu Kristo gbegblẽ me, aʋlẽ de amɔ bubu tɔ dzokpanɔwo kple etɔwo vɛ lɛ me.

Interesting Facts (Ewe Translation)

  • Agbenɔdzẽdzĩe: Gbe Ewe si wo nye dzẽ ko gbe Ghana kple Togo, Biblia sia wotsɔ lɛ le bubu ɖoɖiɖi kple dzẽyiŋa kple agbenɔaŋuwɔa kple agbenɔdzigbale duxɔ me gbɔ.
  • Agbenɔdzẽ le agbalẽ dzi: Maps, kɔnta akpe dewo, kple yeyeviwo akpe kpemkpeŋŋ le blibo le Yesu Kristo gbegblẽ blibo lɛ, yeblẽ wo kple agbenɔdzẽ dziŋa ɖo le agbenɔdzigbale dzi.
  • Agbalẽ vɛ dzodzinam dzadzinam: Ŋɔŋlɔɖi gbegblẽ dzo lɔ̃ ne yɔ Yesu Kristo gbegblẽ me wɔwɔ be dzẽyiku kple aʋlẽ blibo wɔ woda gbegblẽ de ɖeɖe.

Hashtags (Ewe Translation)

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