Korean Holy Bible H73 / KRV Korean Revised Version 개역한글 / 175th Printing by Korean Bible Society 1994

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Korean Holy Bible H73 / KRV Korean Revised Version / 175th Printing by Korean Bible Society 1994


Product Features

  • Language: Korean
  • Version: Korean Revised Version (KRV)
  • Publisher: Korean Bible Society
  • Printed in Korea
  • Binding: Vinyl Bound
  • Pages: 1311
  • 175th Printing, 1994


The Korean Holy Bible H73 is a faithful translation of the Old and New Testaments into the Korean language. This edition, published by the Korean Bible Society, uses the Korean Revised Version (KRV), a widely accepted and respected translation among Korean-speaking Christians. The Bible is vinyl bound for durability and longevity, making it a perfect companion for daily reading and study. With 1311 pages, this comprehensive Bible offers the full richness of the biblical text in the Korean language.


The Korean Revised Version (KRV) is a major translation of the Bible in the Korean language and has played a significant role in spreading Christianity in Korea. The translation process involved a team of Korean scholars and theologians who aimed to create a version that is both accurate to the original texts and accessible to modern Korean readers. This particular edition, the 175th printing, marks a significant milestone in the history of the KRV, demonstrating its enduring popularity and impact on Korean Christianity.


While specific reviews for this edition could not be found, the Korean Revised Version (KRV) is generally well-regarded for its accuracy and readability. It is widely used in churches and Christian communities across Korea and among Korean-speaking Christians worldwide.Please consider leaving a review after your purchase. Your feedback not only helps us, it helps other potential customers.







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