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Garden State DVD 2004 A régi környék / Directed by Zach Braff / Starring: Zach Braff, Ian Holm, Natalie Portman, Peter Sarsgaard

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Garden State DVD 2004 A régi környék / Directed by Zach Braff / Starring: Zach Braff, Ian Holm, Natalie Portman, Peter Sarsgaard

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Audio: English 2.0, Hungarian 2.0, Czech 2.0, Polish 2.0

Subtitle: English, English HOH, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Serbian

Runtime: 98 minutes


English Summary:

Garden State is a 2004 American romantic comedy-drama film, written and directed by Zach Braff and starring Braff, Natalie Portman, Peter Sarsgaard, and Ian Holm. The film centers on Andrew Largeman (Braff), a 26-year-old actor/waiter who returns to his hometown in New Jersey after his mother dies. Braff based the film on his real life experiences. It was filmed in April and May 2003 and released on July 28, 2004. New Jersey was the main setting and primary shooting location.[2] Garden State received positive reviews upon its release and has garnered a cult following.[3] It was an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival. The film also spawned a soundtrack for which Braff, who picked the music himself, won a Grammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media.

Struggling actor Andrew Largeman wakes up from a dream—in which he apathetically sits on a crashing plane—to a telephone message from his father, telling Andrew that he needs to return home because his mother has died.

Andrew leaves Los Angeles and returns home to New Jersey to attend the funeral. He recognizes the grave-diggers as old friends Mark and Dave, who invite him to a party that night. At home, Andrew's father gets him a doctor's appointment for headaches that he's been having.

Later that night, Andrew goes to the party where he meets up with Mark, Dave, and Jesse, an old friend who has just earned a fortune after creating silent Velcro. After smoking marijuana and taking ecstasy at the party, he still remains detached.



Hungarian Summary:

Andrew Hollywoodba menekül a takaros New Jerseyből - a Garden State-ből - és színészi karrierrel próbálkozik több-kevesebb sikerrel. Kilenc év után csupán édesanyja temetésére tér haza, ám azonnal elönti a tehetetlenség régről ismerős érzése. Pszichológus apjával újra kezdődik a régi huzavona. Barátai még mindig drogos házibulikat tartanak, amelyekről a kamaszos üvegezés se hiányozhat, és van olyan haver is, aki még mindig a gyerekszobájában lakik. Andrew számára az egyetlen fénysugár a nagy nyomott szürkeségben, hogy találkozik Sammel, a harsány és folyton hazudozó lánnyal, aki nagyjából annyira illik be a kisvárosi idillbe, mint az Addams család Beverly Hills-be.


Cast / Szereplők:

  • Zach Braff as Andrew Largeman, a depressed, heavily medicated, struggling young actor who waits tables for a Vietnamese restaurant. When he was nine years old, he accidentally paralyzed his mother by pushing her over a dishwasher door. He has not cried or felt any significant emotions for several years, mainly as a result of the medication he's been supplied with by his estranged father.
  • Natalie Portman as Sam, an eccentric epileptic and compulsive liar, who openly admits to her casual dishonesty and frequently ponders what makes her do it. She says she works at a law office as a paralegal (although we never see her at work, or going to or coming from work), and lives with her equally peculiar mother and her adopted African sibling, Titembay.
  • Peter Sarsgaard as Mark, an old school friend of Andrew, now working as a grave-digger. He still lives with his mother and smokes marijuana, frequently attending wild parties; he also makes money by stealing jewelry from the people he buries and exploiting loopholes in store return policies
  • Ian Holm as Gideon Largeman, Andrew's father and professional psychiatrist, whose passive demeanor hides deep-seated grief that his family has not been "happy." He still thinks Andrew's anger is responsible for his late wife's paralysis and has tried to use lithium and other medications to "control" Andrew's emotions in a futile attempt to bring happiness to his family
  • Jean Smart as Carol, Mark's mother, a recovering alcoholic, who sees a wealth of potential in her son
  • Armando Riesco as Jesse, Another school friend of Mark and Andrew who has made a fortune and bought a mansion with money he has earned from inventing a silent alternative to Velcro fabric
  • Jackie Hoffman as Sylvia Largeman: Andrew's aunt, who sings the Commodores's "Three Times a Lady" at her sister-in-law's funeral
  • Method Man as Diego, a bellhop at a luxury hotel who hosts peeping sessions of various hotel rooms
  • Alex Burns as Dave, another old school friend who now works as a grave-digger with Mark
  • Ron Leibman as Dr. Cohen, a neurologist whom Andrew visits at the beginning of the film
  • Denis O'Hare in a cameo appearance[4] as Albert, one of the "guardians of the abyss"
  • Jim Parsons as Tim, an old acquaintance of Mark and Andrew, and the boyfriend of Mark's mother, who works as a knight at Medieval Times
  • Michael Weston as Kenny the Cop, a former classmate of Andrew's from high school, he is now employed as a police officer in their New Jersey neighborhood
  • Ann Dowd as Olivia, Sam's mother
  • Ato Essandoh as Titembay, Sam's adopted brother
  • Geoffrey Arend as Karl Benson, another former high-school classmate of Andrew's; works at Handi-World


Directed by Zach Braff
Produced by Gary Gilbert
Dan Halsted
Pamela Abdy
Richard Klubeck
Written by Zach Braff
  • Zach Braff
  • Ian Holm
  • Method Man
  • Natalie Portman
  • Peter Sarsgaard
Music by Alexi Murdoch
Chad Fischer
Cinematography Lawrence Sher
Edited by Myron I. Kerstein
Camelot Pictures
Jersey Films
Double Features Films
Distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures
(North America)
Miramax Films
Release date
  • January 16, 2004
  • July 28, 2004 (United States)
Running time
98 minutes
Country United States
Language English

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