English - Malayalam Bilingual Bible / ESV - MOV / English Standard Version - Malayalam Original Version

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English - Malayalam Bilingual Bible / ESV - MOV / English Standard Version - Malayalam Original Version Diglot Edition / Leather bound, Golden Edges / Royal Size

ISBN-10: 8122129161
ISBN-13: 978-8122129168 / 9788122129168
Publisher: Bible Society (2011)
Language: English, Malayalam
Binding: Leather Bound
Page Count: 2380 Pages
Special Features: Golden Edges, Royal Size


The English - Malayalam Bilingual Bible presents a side-by-side comparison of the English Standard Version (ESV) and the Malayalam Original Version (MOV), offering a unique diglot edition tailored for both English and Malayalam speakers. Encased in a luxurious leather-bound cover with golden edges, this royal-sized Bible serves as a spiritual and linguistic bridge for readers seeking to deepen their understanding of God's Word in both languages.

Product Features

  • Bilingual Design: Facilitates comparative study and deeper understanding by presenting the ESV and MOV texts in parallel columns.
  • Leather Binding: Durable and elegant leather cover ensures longevity and honors the sacred text within.
  • Golden Edges: Adds an aesthetic touch of majesty and reverence to the Bible.
  • Royal Size: Generous dimensions enhance readability and make it a distinguished addition to any collection.

Interesting Facts

  • ESV Translation: Renowned for its accuracy, clarity, and literary beauty, the ESV is a popular choice among English-speaking Christians worldwide.
  • Malayalam Original Version: A cherished translation among Malayalam-speaking Christians, the MOV is known for its faithful representation of the original manuscripts.
  • Cultural and Linguistic Harmony: This edition symbolizes the harmony between English and Malayalam Christian communities, fostering mutual respect and understanding.

Key Credits

  • Published by: Bible Society, a respected organization dedicated to spreading God's Word.
  • Translation Teams: Comprised of biblical scholars and linguists from diverse backgrounds to ensure accuracy and readability in both languages.


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    Aji on Jan 17th 2024

    Finding ESV malayalam bilingual bible was next to impossible. A perfect gift for my parents.