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Centurion DVD 2010 A kilencedik légió / Directed by Neil Marshall / Starring: Olga Kurylenko, Michael Fassbender, Dominic West

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Centurion DVD 2010 A kilencedik légió / Directed by Neil Marshall / Starring: Olga Kurylenko, Michael Fassbender, Dominic West

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Audio:  English 5.1, Hungarian 5.1

Subtitles: Hungarian

Runtime: 97 minutes


English Summary:

Centurion is a 2010 British historical action-war film directed by Neil Marshall, loosely based on the disappearance of the Roman Empire's Ninth Legion in Caledonia in the early second century AD. The film stars Michael Fassbender, Dominic West, and Olga Kurylenko.

The Roman Empire has been unable to fully conquer Britain, reaching a harsh stalemate in the North. The Picts engage in guerrilla warfare against the Romans along the Glenblocker forts and the Gask Ridge at the southern border of the Scottish Highlands. At the Roman outpost of Pinnata Castra, Pict warriors led by Vortix and Aeron kill the entire garrison, taking only the second-in-command, Centurion Quintus Dias, because he can speak the Pictish language. Brought before Pict king Gorlacon, who has united the northern tribes, Dias is brutally interrogated, but escapes on foot.

A messenger from the fort reaches Gnaeus Julius Agricola, Roman governor of Britannia, who hopes to obtain favour with the Roman Senate and transfer back to the comforts of Rome. He dispatches the Ninth Legion under General Titus Flavius Virilus to eradicate the Pict threat, providing him with a Celtic Brigantian scout, Etain. Marching north, the legion rescues Dias from his pursuers.


Hungarian Summary:

Quintus Dias, a római birodalom katonája éli túl egyedül a piktek támadását, időszámításunk szerint 117-ben. Quintus bosszúra szomjas, csatlakozik a Virilus vezette Kilencedik Légióhoz, így közös céllal indulnak észak felé, hogy megsemmisítsék a pikt hadsereget, valamint a legendás vezért, Gorlacont.


Cast / Szereplők:

  • Michael Fassbender as Quintus Dias, a centurion. His father was Scipio Dias, a renowned and later freed gladiator. Formerly the second-in-command at the Inchtuthil garrison, Quintus is the only survivor of the fort and the only Roman to escape King Gorlacon. Quintus joins the Ninth Legion's march into Caledonia and is later betrayed by Governor Agricola.
  • Olga Kurylenko as Etain, a warrior, scout, hunter and tracker from the Brigantes tribe. After seeing her family raped and murdered by the Romans, Etain was raped herself and had her tongue cut out. She fled north and was taken in by the Britons, who trained her and sent her back to the Romans as a spy. Marshall said of the character, "Etain is kind of revenge incarnate. Her family were butchered by the Romans, she had her tongue cut out by the Romans, she's had a hell of a time and she's out for Roman blood ... She's quite furious because one sense is not there – she can’t speak – all the others are more developed. She sees very well and hears very well: she is an animal!"[3]
  • Dominic West as Titus Flavius Virilus, the general (legate) of the Ninth Legion. Virilus is a tough veteran, far more comfortable with the ordinary soldiers, who would follow him anywhere, than with his fellow patricians.
  • Liam Cunningham as Brick (Ubriculius), a veteran legionary of the Ninth Legion. He is on his last tour before settling down on a farm in Tuscany.
  • David Morrissey as Bothos, a veteran legionary in Septus's century of the Ninth Legion. He joined the army as an orphan on the streets of Rome.
  • JJ Feild as Thax, a self-serving legionary in Septus's century of the Ninth Legion.
  • Noel Clarke as Macros, a legionary of the second cohort of the Ninth Legion. Originally from Numidia, he was a noted marathon runner in Greece before joining the army.
  • Riz Ahmed as Tarak, a cook with the Ninth Legion, originally from the Hindu Kush.
  • Dimitri Leonidas as Leonidas, a Greek legionary scout of the Ninth Legion.
  • Ulrich Thomsen as Gorlacon, the leader of the Britons.
  • Imogen Poots as Arianne, a young Briton woman exiled for witchcraft by Gorlacon.
  • Lee Ross as Septus, a veteran centurion of the Ninth Legion and an old friend of General Virilus.
  • Dave Legeno as Vortix, an axe-wielding Briton warrior.
  • Axelle Carolyn as Aeron, a Briton archer.
  • Paul Freeman as Gnaeus Julius Agricola, Roman governor of Britannia. This is an anachronism; the historical Julius Agricola was actually governor some 30 years before the events depicted in the film, and was already dead by the time Hadrian's Fort began construction. The governor at the time of the Pictish war, the disappearance of the Ninth Legion and the beginning of the construction of Hadrian's Wall in 119 AD was actually Quintus Pompeius Falco.
  • Rachael Stirling as Drusilla, Governor Agricola's daughter.
  • Michael Carter as Antoninus, one of Agricola's generals.
  • Tom Mannion as Tesio, one of Agricola's generals.
  • Peter Guinness as Cassius, one of Agricola's generals.
  • Jake Maskall as Argos, an officer of the Ninth Legion, one of General Virilus's aides.
  • Eoin Macken as Achivir, a Briton warrior.
  • Neil Marshall as Archer on Hadrian's Fort, an uncredited cameo as the watchman who mistakes Bothos for a Pict.


Hungarian VO / Magyar Hangok:

Seder Gábor

Kőszegi Ákos

Sörös Miklós

Jakab Csaba

Barbinek Péter

Molnár Levente

Dolmány Attila

Szabó Máté

Molnár Tünde

Láng Balázs

Szersén Gyula

Kovács Nóra

Epres Attila


Directed by Neil Marshall
Produced by Christian Colson
Robert Jones
Written by Neil Marshall
Starring Michael Fassbender
Dominic West
Olga Kurylenko
Noel Clarke
Liam Cunningham
David Morrissey
Riz Ahmed
JJ Feild
Dimitri Leonidas
Imogen Poots
Ulrich Thomsen
Music by Ilan Eshkeri
Cinematography Sam McCurdy
Edited by Chris Gill
Warner Bros. Pictures
Celador Films
UK Film Council
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures UK
Release date
  • 15 February 2010 (Austin Asian Film Festival)
  • 23 April 2010
Running time
97 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English


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