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Barbie of Swan Lake DVD 2003 Barbie - A Hattyúk tava / Directed by Owen Hurley / Starring: Kelly Sheridan, Mark Hildreth, Kelsey Grammer, Kathleen Barr

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Barbie of Swan Lake DVD 2003 Barbie - A Hattyúk tava / Directed by Owen Hurley / Starring: Kelly Sheridan, Mark Hildreth, Kelsey Grammer, Kathleen Barr

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AUDIO: ENGLISH 5.1, HUNGARIAN 5.1, Czech 5.1, Polish 5.1, Greek 5.1




English Summary:


Barbie of Swan Lake is a 2003 American - Canadian direct-to-DVD computer-animated directed by Owen Hurley.[1][2] It is the 3rd CGI entry in the Barbie film series, and the second film based on a Tchaikovsky ballet (the first was Barbie in the Nutcracker). Barbie and Odette are voiced by Kelly Sheridan.[3] The story is an adaptation of Swan Lake.

The story is told by Barbie to her little sister, Kelly, who is feeling uneasy about being at overnight camp for the first time.

In a small village, Odette, a girl passionate about dancing, lives with her father and sister and works in the family bakery. Odette is a talented dancer but is shy and timid about it. Meanwhile, Prince Daniel is informed by his mother that it is time for him to marry and that she is hosting a ball for him to choose a wife. The men of the village go after a unicorn named Lila. With the help of Odette, Lila escapes and runs into an Enchanted Forest with the curious Odette in pursuit. Lila becomes caught in a bush, so Odette looks for something to free her. She spots a crystal lodged in a rock which she easily removes as the other denizens of the forest watch in astonishment.

Odette is approached by the Fairy Queen who tells her that by freeing the magic crystal, she is destined to defeat the sorcerer Rothbart. The Fairy Queen explains that Rothbart, her cousin, was angered when she was chosen to become the next ruler of the enchanted forest. Rothbart left and returned years later with his daughter, Odile, and has taken over most of the forest, even turning its denizens into animals. Odette, afraid to get involved, declines to help. The Queen, saddened, complies. While Lila escorts her out of the forest, Odette is confronted by Rothbart, who gives her the same curse as the others, turning her into a swan. The Queen arrives too late and gifts Odette with a tiara embedded with the crystal that protects her from Rothbart's magic. As her powers are too weak, the Queen only partially reverses the spell on Odette, allowing her to regain human form by night but turn back into a swan by day.


Hungarian Summary:

Odett, a pék lánya, követi az egyszarvút az Elvarázsolt erdőbe. Ott hattyúvá változtatja őt Rothbart, a gonosz varázsló, aki le akarja győzni unokatestvérét, a Tündérkirálynőt, és el akarja foglalni az erdőt. A Tündérkirálynő képes enyhíteni Rothbart varázslatát oly módon, hogy Odette, valamint az erdő többi emberi lakója, akik Odette-től várnak segítséget, éjszakára visszanyerik emberi külsőjüket, de nappal állatokká változnak. Odette megtudja, hogy az ő sorsa megmenteni az Elvarázsolt erdőt Rothbarttól, noha nem érzi magát alkalmasnak a nagy feladatra. Hogyan lenne képes erre egy fiatal lány, akinek nincs más fegyvere a bátorságán, becsületességén és az eszén kívül, miközben még a jóképű Daniel herceg is szerelmes lesz belé?


Cast / Szereplők:

  • Kelly Sheridan as Barbie / Odette - A shy, helpful country girl who loves to dance. She is turned into a swan by Rothbart because she is thought to be the one who can defeat him. Then, she falls in love with Prince Daniel and later learns to be a brave girl by saving the Enchanted Forest. Barbie is the storyteller of Swan Lake and Kelly’s older sister.
  • Mark Hildreth as Prince Daniel - A prince who loves adventures. He is an expert at archery. He loves Odette from the first time he meets her, however he is fooled by Rothbart who uses magic to help Odile impersonate Odette, with whom Daniel dances with at the ball. He is based on Siegfried from the ballet.
  • Kelsey Grammer as Rothbart - The wicked sorcerer and the villainous cousin of the Fairy Queen who wants to rule the Enchanted Forest. He can turn into a bird, and he also turns Odette into a swan. He has a spoiled daughter named Odile. In the end, Rothbart becomes a cuckoo clock as punishment for his wickedness.
  • Venus Terzo as Lila - A friendly purple unicorn who is also Odette's friend. She likes to go to people's town and is almost captured by town people. She tells Odette that she (Odette) is braver than she thinks.
  • Kathleen Barr as Fairy Queen / Marie - The ruler of the Enchanted Forest. Marie is Odette's elder sister who likes to ride horses.
  • Nicole Oliver as Carlita - An elf who is turned into a skunk by Rothbart. She is Ivan's best friend.
  • Ian James Corlett as Ivan - An elf who is turned into a porcupine. He is Carlita's best friend.
  • Maggie Wheeler as Odile - A witch and Rothbart's spoiled daughter who fools Prince Daniel at the ball by using magic to take on the form of Odette. In the end, she becomes a maid in Erasmus' library.
  • Michael Dobson as Erasmus - A troll who has a library. The Book of Forest Lore which tells how to break Rothbart's spell is in his library.
  • Chantal Strand as Kelly - Barbie's sister who is afraid of tomorrow's race at her camp as well as Kelly the elf who was turned into a cygnet.
  • Gina Stockdale as Queen Mother - Daniel's mother who wants to see Daniel married and wants to have grandchildren.
  • Brian Drummond as Reggie - Daniel's servant.
  • Garry Chalk as the Baker - Odette's father.


Directed by Owen Hurley
Produced by Kim Dent Wilder
Rob Hudnut
Written by Elana Lesser
Cliff Ruby
Based on Swan Lake by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Starring Kelly Sheridan
Mark Hildreth
Kelsey Grammer
Kathleen Barr
Nicole Oliver
Music by Arnie Roth
Edited by Greg Richardson
Distributed by Artisan Entertainment
Release date
  • September 30, 2003
Running time
81 minutes
Country Canada
United States
Language English


Barbie of Swan Lake DVD 2003 Barbie - A Hattyúk tava 1

Barbie of Swan Lake DVD 2003 Barbie - A Hattyúk tava 1

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