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Thirteenth International Congress of Turkish Art by Géza Dávid, Ibolya Gerelyes / Hungarian National Museum 2009 / Paperback

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Thirteenth International Congress of Turkish Art by Géza Dávid, Ibolya Gerelyes / Hungarian National Museum 2009 / Paperback

Paperback 2009

ISBN: 9789637061653  /  978-9637061653

ISBN-10: 9637061657

PAGES: 790

PUBLISHER: Hungarian National museum



Proceedings in English and Turkish


English Summary:

It was a pleasure and also an honour for us that the Hungarian National Museumcould for a second time host the International Congress of Turkish Art, a prestigious event held every four years.

In Hungarian historical, linguistic and archaeological research, a serious role has traditionally been played by investigation of the common past of the Hungarian and Turkish nations. The Ottoman studies field in Hungary has given the world a succession of outstanding scholars. From the long list of names, I would especially like to mention that of the historian Lajos Fekete, whose work has provided guidance for generations of scholars in Hungary and in foreign countries alike. In one of his principal works, he relies on the testimony of the archaeological material also, and additionally pays attention to findings in the field of art history.



  • Greetings to the Reader (Tibor Kovacs)
  • Foreword - Sunus (Ertugrul Gunay)
  • Introduction (Francois Deroche)
  • Opening Address (Miklos Maroth)
  • Opening Address: Education and Research in Turkish Art (Günsel Renda)
  • Closing Address (Zeren Tanindi)
  • Editors' Foreword (Geza David - Ibolya Gerelyes)
  • Agir, Aygul / Floransa Devlet Arsivi'nde Bulunan Anadolu ve Rumeli Kaleleri Cizimleri (1581)
  • Akpolat, Mustafa S. / The Developmental Work Carried Out by Ottoman Governors in Konya after the Tanzimat
  • Akyurek, Goksun / A Comparative Reading of the Pursuit into the 'East' for National Expression in Turkish and Hungarian Architecture
  • Altun, Ara - Adrienn Papp / The Murad I Bath in Iznik
  • Aoki Girardelli, Miyuki / A Parisian in Istanbul: Ambivalent Perceptions of Leon
  • Parvillee Babaoglu - Lale Balkis / Fragments of a Collective Memory
  • Behrens-Abouseif, Doris / Views of Egypt and Turkey by the Hungarian Artist Lajos (Ludwig) Libay
  • Ben Azzouna, Nourane / Manuscripts Attributed to Yaqut al-Musta'simi(D.698/1298) in Ottoman Collections. Thoughts on the Significance of Yaqut's Legacy in the Ottoman Calligraphic Tradition
  • Brend, Barbara / European and Other Influences in the Illustration of the British Library's 'Sharaf al-Insan' ('Seref ul-insan') of Lami'i
  • Broilo, A. Federica / Ottoman Woodwork: Some Little-known Quran Boxes from the Turk ve Islam Eserleri Muzesi in Istanbul (16th-17th Centuries)
  • Cephanecigil, Gul / Turk Mimarhgim Avrupa'ya Sunmak: Resit Saffet Atabinen ve "Turk Mimarisinin Karakteristikleri"
  • Degirmenci, Tulun / 'Legitimising' a Young Sultan: Illustrated Copies of Medhi's 'Sehname-i Turki' in European Collections
  • Demirsar Arli, V. Belgin / Geç Donem Osmanli Seramik Sanatında Arma ve Amblem Niteliginde Motifier
  • Derman, Cicek / A Forgotten Artist of the Republican Period: Sami Necmeddin
  • Derman, M. Ugur / Ahmed III: Sultan and Affixer of the 'Tugra'
  • Dinu, Niculina / Kütahya Blue-and-white Ceramics Discovered at Ottoman Braila
  • Doger, Lale / Izmir Agorasi Kazilarindan Gec Osmanli Donemi ve Avrupa Seramik Buluntuları
  • Dundar, Abdulkadir / Osmanlı Doneminde Sehir Mimari Bulunan Bazi Avrupa Sehirler
  • Eyupgiller, Kemal Kutgün / Black Sea Bosphorus Forts
  • Gero, Gyozo / The Place of Esztergom's Oziceli Haci Ibrahim Cami in the Ottoman Architecture of Hungary
  • Gierlichs, Joachim / Turkish Art in German Collections
  • Gok Gurhan, Sevinc / Evaluation of Ceramic Production in Aksehir in the Framework of Ceramics and Kiln Materials Unearthed During Rescue Excavations at Aksehir's Anit Meydan ('Monument Square')
  • Hartmuth, Maximilian / Eighteenth-century Ottoman Architecture and the Problem of Scope: A Critical View from the Balkan 'Periphery'
  • Helmecke, Gisela - Karin Ruehrdanz / Turkish 'Terra Sigillata' Vessels from the 16th—17th Century and Their Counterparts in Europe and in the New World
  • Hitzel, Frederic / French Tiles Produced for the Islamic World at the End of the 19th Century
  • Imamoglu, Vacit - Mustafa Korumaz / Inscription Plates on Houses in Gesi, Kayseri
  • Karl, Barbara / The Ottoman Flags of Santo Stefano in Pisa as Tools of Medici Dynastic Propaganda
  • Keresztely, Kata / The Appearance of the Turkish Element in the Arab Miniature Painting of Iraq in the 13th Century. An Individual Arab's View of the Turks
  • Kovacs, Gyongyi / Ottoman Military Architecture in Hungary
  • Koroglu, Gülgün / A Group of Belt Buckles from the Haluk Perk Museum Possibly Belonging to the Anatolian Seljuks
  • Kosebay Erkan, Yonca / The Military Police Station and Haydarpasa Port: Deconstruction of the Orientalist Image
  • Kundak, Ali Nihat / An Ottoman Album of Drawings Including European Engravings (TSMK, H.2135)
  • Kurtulus, Tuba / The Heated Stamp Design Technique in Ottoman Textile Art and Its International Circulation
  • Lorain, Thomas / A Contribution to Middle East Military Architecture: Medieval Fortifications of South-eastern Turkey (11th—13th Centuries
  • Mahir, Banu / Album H.2169 in the Topkapi Palace Museum Library
  • Mondini, Sara / Turkic Influences Through the Indian Subcontinent
  • Ohta, Alison / The Relationship Between Mamluk, Ottoman and Renaissance Bookbindings
  • O'kane, Bernard / The Uses of Persian on Monumental Epigraphy in Turkey
  • Orlandi, Luca / A 'Turkish Salon' in the Domestic ' Collection of the Genoese Gentleman and Traveller Enrico A. D'Albertis (1846-1932)
  • Ormos, Istvan / The Attitude of Max Herz Pasha and the Comite de Conservation des Monuments de l'Art Arabe Towards Ottoman Architecture in Egypt at the End of the 19th Century
  • Onkal, Hakki / 'Maqam' Tombs and the Tomb of Süleyman the Magnificent in Szigetvar
  • Ozel, Mehmet Kerem / The Influence of Turkish Art and Architecture on the Works of Foreign Architects in Early Republican Turkey
  • Ozguven, Burcu / Art Deco Architecture in Istanbul
  • Parisi, Nicola / The Domed Ottoman Space of Mimar Sinan
  • Philips, Amanda / Little-known Ottoman-period Cotton and Linen Textiles in Oxford's Ashmolean Museum
  • Sahin Tekinalp, Pelin / From Poetry to Painting: Ottoman Impressionists
  • Scarce, Jennifer M. / Risen from the Grave? A Group of Ottoman Turkish Textiles of
  • the Late 16th/Early 17th Century in the National Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh
  • Sudar, Balazs / Osmanh Macaristan'nında Camiler ve Mescitler
  • Szanto, Ivan / An Illustrated İskendername' of Ahmedi at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Turkantoz, Kayahan / The Evolution of the Eave in Turkish Architecture and Its Re-interpretation in the 20th Century
  • Uzelli, Gonül - Inanir, Emine: Ottoman Life as 'Other' in Russian Travel Notes and Russian Painting from the 18th Century
  • Yaman, Bahattin / Hungarian Craftsmen in the Workshops of the Seraglio During the First Half of the 16th Century
  • Yavuz, Yildirim / Ataturk's Influence on the Initiation of Modernism in Early Republican Architecture in Turkey
  • Yazici, Nurcan - Kaya, Sennur / Municipal Buildings from Tanzimat to Republic: Bursa Province
  • Yilmaz, Gulgun / Hollanda Duvar Cinilerinin Topkapi Sarayi'ndaki Kullanimi
  • Yoltar-Yildirim, Aysin / Seljuk Carpets and Julius Harry Loytved-Hardegg: A German Consul in Konya in the Early 20th Century
  • Yurekli-Gorkay, Zeynep / Ottoman Painting, Venetian Audience, Divergent Content: The Source of a Picture in the Taeschner Album
  • List of Contributors
  • Congress Programme
  • 13th ICTA: The Committees and the Editorial Board


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