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Southwestern Dinka Language New Testament / Lëk yam (DIK) / South Sudan

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Southwestern Dinka Language New Testament / Lëk yam (DIK) / South Sudan


  • Paperback: 348 pages
  • Publisher: Digital Bible Society (June 15, 2017) / Wycliffe Bible Translators
  • Language: Southwestern Dinka
  • ISBN-10: 1531301983
  • ISBN-13: 978-1531301989
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.9 x 9 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.3 pounds


John 3:16 Joon

Nhialic anhiar kɔc pinynhom apɛi. Yen agɛm yen Wënden juɔ̈l, bï raan ëbën wɛ̈tde gam cïï mär, ku pïïrkë akölriëëc ëbën.


Dinka (natively ThuɔŋjäŋThuɔŋ ee Jieng or simply Jieng) is a Nilotic dialect cluster spoken by the Dinka people, the major ethnic group of South Sudan. There are several main varieties, Ngok, Rek, Agaar, Awiel, Twic Mayardit, Hol, Nyarweng, Twi and Bor, which are distinct enough to require separate literary standards and thus to be considered separate languages. Jaang, Jieng or Monyjieng is used as a general term to cover all Jieng languages. Rek is the standard and prestige dialect.


Pronunciation [t̪uɔŋ.ɟa̤ŋ]
Native to South Sudan and neighboring areas
Ethnicity Dinka people
Native speakers
(1.4 million cited ca. 1982–1986; some figures undated)
Latin alphabet
Language codes
ISO 639-2 din
ISO 639-3

din – inclusive code
Individual codes:
dip – Northeastern (Padang)
diw – Northwestern (Ruweng)
dib – South Central (Agar)
dks – Southeastern: Twi Nyarweng

dik – Southwestern (Rek & Twic)
Glottolog dink1262

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