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Sátántangó Disc 3. DVD 1994 Satan's Tango / Directed by Béla Tarr / Starring: Mihály Víg, Putyi Horváth, László Lugossy / Chapters 7-12

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Sátántangó Disc 3. DVD 1994 Satan's Tango / Directed by Béla Tarr / Starring: Mihály Víg, Putyi Horváth, László Lugossy / Chapters 7-12

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AUDIO: Hungarian 2.0




Chapter Titles

7. Irimiás Gives a speech

8. Perspective from the front

9. Go to Heaven? Have Nightmares?

10. Perspective from the rear

11. Just Trouble and Work

12. No way out



English Summary:

Sátántangó (Hungarian: [ˈʃaːtaːntɒŋɡoː]; meaning 'Satan's Tango') is a 1994 Hungarian art drama film directed by Béla Tarr. Shot in black-and-white, it runs for more than seven hours. It is based on the novel Satantango by Hungarian novelist László Krasznahorkai, who had been providing Tarr with stories since his 1988 film Damnation. Tarr had wanted to make the film since 1985 but was unable to proceed with the production due to the strict political environment in Hungary.

In the years since its release, Sátántangó has received wide acclaim from film critics, and is considered one of the greatest films ever made. In 2012, it appeared in the British Film Institute's Sight & Sound critics' top 50 films.

In a desolate village, after the collapse of a collective farm, Futaki is having an affair with Mrs. Schmidt (Éva Almássy Albert), as he is awakened at dawn by the ringing of church bells. Mr. Schmidt (László Lugossy) conspires with another co-worker to steal the villagers' money and flee to another part of the country. As Futaki is sneaking out of the Schmidt home, he discovers Schmidt's plans, after which he demands to become part of the scheme—all of this being watched by a lonely drunk man known as the Doctor (Peter Berling), who writes the events down in a notebook. However, the conspiracy is terminated when rumors spread across the village that the charismatic and manipulative Irimiás (Mihály Vig), a former co-worker who had been presumed dead, is returning. Meanwhile, Irimiás and his friend Petrina (Putyi Horváth) make a secret deal with a Police Captain in a nearby city, to spy on the community.

At the village, the Doctor discovers he has run out of fruit brandy. Unaccustomed to abandoning his house, he decides to go out to buy liquor nonetheless. Outside, he is met with hostile weather and the arrival of the night. After purchasing his brandy, he is approached by Estike (Erika Bók), a young girl who desperately reaches out for his help. Behaving aggressively towards the child, the Doctor reconsiders and naively tries to apologize as the girl leaves and disappears in the darkness. Chasing after her, the Doctor passes out, and collapses in nearby woods, and is found in the morning by the town's conductor who takes him to a hospital.


Hungarian Summary:

Irimiás és Petrina két szélhámos és munkakerülő, akiknek a rendőrség egy megbízását kell teljesíteniük szabadságuk érdekében. Egy lerobbant alföldi telep elzüllött lakóit veszik célba, hogy átverjék, majd besúgónak szervezzék be őket...


Cast / Szereplők:

  • Mihály Víg as Irimiás
  • Putyi Horváth as Petrina
  • László Lugossy as Schmidt
  • Éva Almássy Albert as Mrs. Schmidt
  • János Derzsi as Kráner
  • Irén Szajki as Mrs. Kráner
  • Alfréd Járai as Halics
  • Miklós Székely B. as Futaki
  • Erzsébet Gaál as Mrs. Halics
  • Erika Bók as Estike
  • Peter Berling as The Doctor


Directed by Béla Tarr
Produced by György Fehér
Joachim von Vietinghoff
Ruth Waldburger
Screenplay by Béla Tarr
László Krasznahorkai
Story by Mihály Vig
Péter Dobai
Barna Mihók
Based on Satantango
by László Krasznahorkai
Starring Mihály Víg
Putyi Horváth
László Lugossy
Music by Mihály Víg
Cinematography Gábor Medvigy
Edited by Ágnes Hranitzky
Release date
  • 8 February 1994
Country Hungary
Language Hungarian






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