My Life DVD 1993 Életem / Directed by Bruce Joel Rubin / Starring: Michael Keaton, Nicole Kidman

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My Life DVD 1993 Életem / Directed by Bruce Joel Rubin / Starring: Michael Keaton, Nicole Kidman

UPC 5999552130585  /  5999033913324



Audio: English 2.0, Hungarian 2.0

Subtitle: English, Hungarian

Total Runtime: 112 minutes


English Summary:

Detroit, Michigan, 1963: Bob Ivanovich, a young son of Ukrainian-American parents, prays one night for a circus in his backyard the next day after school. After school the next day, he runs home eagerly, followed by his friends. To his disappointment, no circus awaits. Angrily, Bob retreats to the closet in his room, his personal retreat space.

Bob has shunned his Ukrainian-born parents for their immigrant ways and decided to move away from his family in Detroit. Thirty years later, Bob Jones (Michael Keaton) now runs a Los Angeles public relations firm. He is happily married to Gail (Nicole Kidman), who is pregnant with their first child. Bob is horrified to learn that he has been diagnosed with a terminal form of kidney cancer and might not live to see their baby born.

Bob begins to make home movies, to immortalize himself, to be shown after his death to his son, so he'll know who his father was, showing him how to cook spaghetti, how to drive, etc. He also begins to visit a Chinese healer named Mr. Ho (Haing S. Ngor), who urges him to listen to his heart, which is calling him to forgive, and that life is always giving him invitations if he would just listen. At his wife's urging, they fly to his hometown of Detroit to attend a traditional Ukrainian wedding of his brother Paul (Bradley Whitford). While in the area, Bob visits his childhood home. Also while there, they attempt to mend fences with his estranged family, which does not go well. Bob criticizes his brother for not moving to California like he did, and his father (Michael Constantine) resents Bob's moving thousands of miles away and changing his name.


Hungarian Summary:

Bob Jones, a sikeres reklámszakember boldog családi életet él. Megjárja a mennyet és a poklot, amikor megtudja, hogy gyereke fog születni, de azt is, hogy nem éri meg az örömteli eseményt, mert gyógyíthatatlan betegségben szenved. A férfi videokamera elé ül, és tanácsokkal látja el a megszületendő babát.


Cast / Szereplők:

  • Michael Keaton as Robert "Bob" Ivanovich
  • Nicole Kidman as Gail Jones
  • Bradley Whitford as Paul Ivanovich
  • Rebecca Schull as Rose Ivanovich
  • Michael Constantine as Bill Ivanovich
  • Queen Latifah as Theresa
  • Mark Holton as Sam
  • Haing S. Ngor as Mr. Ho
  • Lissa Walters as Deborah


Directed by Bruce Joel Rubin
Produced by Hunt Lowry
Bruce Joel Rubin
Jerry Zucker
Written by Bruce Joel Rubin
  • Michael Keaton
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Haing S. Ngor
Music by John Barry
Cinematography Peter James
Edited by Richard Chew
Zucker Brothers Productions
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
(United States)
Capella Films
Release date
  • November 12, 1993
Running time
112 minutes
Country United States
Language English


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