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Alice in Wonderland DVD 1999 Alice Csodaországban *Film változat* / Director: Nick Willing / Starring: Robbie Coltrane, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Kingsley, Christopher Lloyd, Gene Wilder, Martin Short

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Alice in Wonderland DVD 1999 Alice Csodaországban *Film változat* / Director: Nick Willing / Starring: Robbie Coltrane, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Kingsley, Christopher Lloyd, Gene Wilder, Martin Short, Peter Ustinov

UPC 5999553600209 / 5998282100042


Audion: English, Hungarian

Playtime 129 minutes


Lewis Carroll's famous story about a girl who falls asleep in a meadow and dreams of entering a magical world, filled with strange adventures and magical creatures with Whoopi Goldberg as the Cheshire Cat.


  • Actors: Tina Majorino, Whoopi Goldberg, Robbie Coltrane, Ben Kingsley, Christopher Lloyd
  • Directors: Nick Willing
  • Writers: Lewis Carroll, Peter Barnes
  • Producers: Chris Thompson, Dyson Lovell, Robert Halmi Jr., Robert Halmi Sr.


Alice in Wonderland is a 1999 made-for-television film adaptation of Lewis Carroll's books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. It was first broadcast on NBC and then shown on British television on Channel 4.

Tina Majorino played the lead role of Alice, and a number of well-known performers portrayed the eccentric characters whom Alice meets during the course of the story, including Ben Kingsley, Ken Dodd, Martin Short, Whoopi Goldberg, Peter Ustinov, Christopher Lloyd, Gene Wilder, Robbie Coltrane and Miranda Richardson.

The film won four Emmy Awards in the categories of costume design, makeup, music composition, and visual effects.

The film utilized both puppetry and live-action footage. The puppet designs were created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

In all, 875 special digital effects were created for the film. An example is Martin Short's head; it was enlarged to three times its size to resemble the Hatter in Tenniel's illustrations.



Lewis Caroll klasszikusnak számító műve legújabb feldolgozásában, briliáns trükkökkel, fantasztikus látképekkel, hihetetlen kalandokkal és felejthetetlen karakterekkel tárul elénk. A megbántott kislány, Alice megszökik szülei házából. Egy nyúlüreget talál, bemászik és hirtelen a kalandok hihetetlen és varázslatos világában találja magát. Számtalan teremtménnyel, figurával találkozik, köztük a bűbájos Cheshire Cattal, a gömbölyded Tweedle-Dee és Tweedle-Dummal és a gonosz Caterpillarral. Bonyodalmak és izgalmak sora várja, összemegy, majd ismét megnő, beutazza Csodaországot, megismerkedik a Szívek Királyával és Királynőjével, a fehér nyúllal, aki a király kamarása, az esküdtszék tizenkét guineai malacával és még számtalan fura figurával. A hosszú utazás végén aztán újra hazatér, és boldogan meséli szüleinek Csodaország végtelen világát...

Rendezte: Nick Willing
Szereplők: Robbie Coltrane, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Kingsley, Christopher Lloyd, Gene Wilder, Martin Short...
Stílus: családi, kaland, fantasy

Hangsáv(ok):  Dolby Digital 2.0 angol; Dolby Digital 2.0 magyar
Képformátum(ok):  4:3 (1,33:1)
Stúdió:  FF Film & Music
Korhatár:  Korhatárra tekintet nélkül megtekinthető


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Eredeti cím : Alice in Wonderland

Nyelv : magyar; angol

EAN : 5999553600209
Megjelenés : 1999

Méret [mm] : 135 x 190 x 15
Tömeg [g] : 90


Based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
by Lewis Carroll
Screenplay by Peter Barnes
Directed by Nick Willing
Starring Tina Majorino
Miranda Richardson
Martin Short
Whoopi Goldberg
Simon Russell Beale
Robbie Coltrane
Ken Dodd
Heathcote Williams
Gene Wilder
George Wendt
Christopher Lloyd
Peter Ustinov
Ben Kingsley
Elizabeth Spriggs
Pete Postlethwaite
Composer(s) Richard Hartley
Country of origin United Kingdom
United States
Original language(s) English


  • Alice (Tina Majorino) – A kind and curious young girl who is very nervous about performing the song Cherry Ripe at her parents' party in the beginning of the film. After her adventures in Wonderland, she finally gets the confidence to sing. However, she sings the Lobster Quadrille (a song that the Mock Turtle taught her) instead. Everyone loves her performance and she even spots the Cheshire Cat in the audience who grins at her in a term of congratulations.
  • Queen of Hearts (Miranda Richardson) – A spoiled, unkind, impatient, argumentative, tyrannical, and childish queen whose most popular catchphrase is "Off with their heads!" She occasionally screams very loud to get her way, causing some people's ears to hurt. She was the one who started the croquet game and the Knave's trial in the first place. The trial turned out to be completely worthless of beginning.
  • The Mad Hatter (Martin Short) – A mad hat salesman who was first seen having a tea party with his best friends the March Hare and the Dormouse. He once sung at the Queen's concert, but was sentenced away because of his horrible performance. He was also called as a witness to the Knave's trial, but was soon recognized by the Queen and quickly ran away.
  • Cheshire Cat (Whoopi Goldberg) – A grinning cat who teaches Alice "the rules" of Wonderland. He was also one of the few characters who was nice to Alice. His favorite pastime is appearing and disappearing.
  • The King of Hearts (Simon Russell Beale) – The foolish husband of the Queen who constantly tries to be like his wife and fawns over her.
  • Mr. Mouse (Ken Dodd) – A very kind, funny, and wise mouse who tries to get Alice dry with a very boring lecture. When it fails, the Dodo suggests that they have a caucus race. Mr. Mouse is last seen going home, along with his friends, for a cup of hot chocolate.
  • The Mock Turtle (Gene Wilder) – A weird type of turtle who often cries on remembering his moments at his school in the sea. He sings two songs to Alice: The Lobster Quadrille and Beautiful Soup. His best friend is the Gryphon.
  • The March Hare (voice of Francis Wright) – The Mad Hatter's mad tea party companion. His costume scared Tina Majorino because of the asymmetrical eyes. His puppetry was performed by Adrian Getley, Robert Tygner, and Francis Wright.
  • Tweedledee and Tweedledum (George Wendt and Robbie Coltrane, respectively) – Two fat brothers who tell Alice the story of The Walrus and the Carpenter. After this, Tweedledum finds his new rattle spoiled, which he thinks was spoiled by Tweedledee. They have a brief battle which is interrupted by a monstrous crow which scares them away.
  • The White Rabbit (voice of Richard Coombs) – A human-sized rabbit who is always running late. He serves as herald to the Queen and King. Alice also got stuck in his house in the film. He was performed by Kiran Shah and Richard Coombs.
  • The White Knight (Christopher Lloyd) – A kind knight who invented a lunchbox which he carries upside down so the sandwiches in it do not get wet. Alice points out that since it is upside down the sandwiches will fall out. He replies with, "So that's what happened to my sandwiches." He is also not very good at riding his horse.
  • The Duchess (Elizabeth Spriggs) – A duchess who is first seen nursing a baby which turns into a pig. Her pet is the Cheshire Cat. She was occasionally kind to Alice.
  • The Baby (Ken Sansom) - A baby wailing turning into a pig.
  • Major Caterpillar (Ben Kingsley) – A caterpillar major who is first seen smoking a hookah. He gives Alice advice on how to be brave on singing.
  • The Walrus and the Carpenter (Peter Ustinov and Pete Postlethwaite, respectively) – Two characters in the Tweedles' story.
  • The Gryphon (voice of Donald Sinden) – A creature (with a look of both lion and eagle) who is the Mock Turtle's best friend. He shows Alice to him and used to go to school in the sea with the Mock Turtle. The Gryphon was operated by puppeteers David Alan Barclay, Adrian Getley, Adrian Parish, Mark Hunter and Robert Tygner.
  • The Knave of Hearts (Jason Flemyng) – A clueless knave who is accused of stealing the Queen's tarts. The Queen constantly refers to him as an idiot.
  • Pat and Bill the Lizard (Jason Byrne and Paddy Joyce, respectively) – The White Rabbit's two loyal Irish gardeners. Pat is also very reluctant while Bill is a little more trustworthy.
  • Miss Lory, Mr. Duck, Mr. Eaglet, and Mr. Dodo (Liz Smith, Ken Campbell, Heathcote Williams and Peter Bayliss, respectively) – The Mouse's group of friends who are in the caucus race.
  • Tiger Lily (voice of Joanna Lumley) – A very talkative flower who gives Alice directions.
  • The Cook (Sheila Hancock) – The Duchess's crazy cook who enjoys putting pepper in her meals. She also likes throwing dishes at Alice and the Duchess.
  • Executioner (Murray Melvin) – The Queen's chief executioner who argues that it would be impossible to behead the Cheshire Cat because the animal doesn't have a body.
  • Dormouse (voice of Nigel Plaskitt) – The Mad Hatter and March Hare's tea party companion who is asleep through most of the tea party scene. He seems to have a fondness for treacle and was later stuffed into a teapot by his companions. His puppeteers were Nigel Plaskitt and David Alan Barclay.
  • The Pig Baby (voice of Nigel Plaskitt) – A rather creepy and ugly baby who is first seen being nursed by the Duchess. He soon turns into a pig. Puppeteered by Adrian Parish.
  • The Frog and Fish Footmen (Peter Eyre and Hugh Lloyd) – Two footmen who were first seen standing in front of the Duchess's house. The Fishface handed the Frogface an invitation for the Duchess to play croquet, then walked away. The Frogface was also rather stupid.
  • The Rose Painting Cards (Matthew Sim, Jonathan Broadbent, and Christopher Ryan) – The three cards were first seen painting white roses red because they accidentally planted them white, and if the Queen found out she would behead them. The Queen soon found out and Alice saved them by hiding them in her pocket.
  • The Red Knight (Gerard Naprous) – A knight who challenges the White Knight to a fight. In the end, they decided not to fight anymore. The Red Knight then leaves on his horse.
  • Mother (Janine Eser) – Alice's mother.
  • Father (Jeremy Brudenell) – Alice's father.
  • Nanny (Mary Healey)
  • Governess (Dilys Laye)





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