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How many languages are in the world?

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Starting with the CONTINENTS:

Africa 2,250 

Americas 1,198 

Asia 2,514 

Europe 378 

Oceania 1,534 

Total 7,881


Extinct 814

Existing 7,046 

Constructed 21

Total 7,881

According to our own count, the total number of languages into which Scriptures have been translated reached the 2,850 mark in 2013.

This enumeration is based on a particular definition of what constitutes a human language, namely that reflected by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in Geneva, Switzerland.

TheISO639-3 standard is a registry of 7,881 language codes and language names published in 2007.

The registration authority of ISO 639-3 is the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL), a missionary organisation. The ISO 639-3 standard grew out of the list of codes established in the Ethnologue, the flagship publication of SIL. Ethnologue appeared first in 1951 and its nineteenth edition was published in 2016.

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