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​Happy April Fool's day!

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Happy April Fool's day!

Isn't it befitting that April fool's day falls on Easter Sunday this year? Why would that be befitting you might ask.
Christ died for fools like us. But first remember, He who was no fool chose to become a fool for us. He was mocked, jeered and publicly humiliated. He was treated like a fool. By us. All because of the foolish act of Adam in the garden. 

The Messiah allowed Himself to be depreciated^ so that we could go free. No wise man of any age would want to trade places with a world of fools. 

Why, oh why, would the Lord do such a 'foolish' thing for us fools? The answer lies in the Scriptures, "the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of man"*

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