Upoznati Boga Kroz Stari Zavjet / Croatian Language Booklet / Knowing God Through the Old Testament / David Egner / Paperback, 2004

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Upoznati Boga Kroz Stari Zavjet / Croatian Language Booklet / Knowing God Through the Old Testament / David Egner / Paperback, 2004


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Publisher: Radio Bible Class / Duhovna Stvarnost (2004)
Language: Croatian
Pages: 32

Translation: Danica Hrgović Klešin

English Summary

Every person who truly wants to know God must read the Old Testament. Its 39 books introduce the reader to a world of fascinating people, amazing history, lofty poetry, and profound prophecy. The center of it all is not a system of laws and ideals but an infinite, personal God—a God we can know.This booklet has been written to help you know this God as He has made Himself known through the Old Testament. We encourage you to read this publication,written by David Egner, with your Bible open and pencil in hand. Our prayer is that as you work through these pages your knowledge of God will grow and flourish like a young tree planted beside a sparkling brook.

Martin R. De Haan II


About the Author


David C. Egner is retired from Our Daily Bread Ministries. During his years with the ministry, he was editor of Discovery Digest and Campus Journal (now called Our Daily Journey). He has written many Discovery Series booklets, and his work has appeared in a variety of other ministry publications. Dave was a college writing professor for many years and has enjoyed occasional guest-professor stints at Bible colleges in Russia. He and his wife, Shirley, live in Grand Rapids.


Detalji Proizvoda

Meki uvez
Izdavač: Radio Bible Class / Duhovna Stvarnost (2004)
Jezik: Hrvatski jezik
Broj Strana: 32

Prijevod s Engleskog: Danica Hrgović Klešin

Croatian Summary

Svaka Osoba koja želi upoznati Boga mora pročitati Stari zavjet. Središte svega nije sustav zakona i pravila, već neograničen, osobni Bog kojeg možemo upoznati.

Ova knjižica je napisana s namjerom da vam pomogne upoznati Boga onako kako se On sám predstavio u Starom zavjetu. Predlažemo vam da pročitate ovu knjižicu koju je napisao David Egner, s otvorenom Biblijom i olovkom u ruci. Molimo se da dok čitate ove stranice vaša spoznaja Boga raste i buja kao mlado drvo zasađeno kraj potoka.

Martin R. De Haan II



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