The Holy Bible In Zotung Chin

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The Holy Bible In Zotung Chin

Product Features

  • Title: The Holy Bible In Zotung Chin
  • Publisher: The Bible Society of Myanmar
  • First Printing: 2016
  • ISBN: 978-8941295938/9788941295938
  • Language: Zotung Chin
  • Printed in: Korea
  • Page Count: Various (refer to content list below)


The Holy Bible in Zotung Chin, published by the Bible Society of Myanmar, is a comprehensive edition of the Christian scriptures, translated into the Zotung Chin language. This edition was first printed in 2016 and serves as an essential religious text for the Zotung Chin-speaking Christian community. The Bible includes maps on the end sheets provided by the American Bible Society, adding a visual aid to the textual content.

Interesting Facts

  • Language and Translation: This Bible is translated into Zotung Chin, a language spoken by the Zotung Chin ethnic group in Myanmar.
  • Publisher: The Bible Society of Myanmar has a long-standing history of translating and distributing Bibles in various languages to support the spiritual growth of different ethnic communities within Myanmar.
  • Printing and Production: The Bible was printed in Korea, ensuring high-quality production standards.
  • Maps: The end sheets contain maps created by the American Bible Society, which enhance the reader's understanding of biblical geography.

Track Listing (for CDs or DVDs)

  • Old Testament Books:

    • Genesis: 814 pages
    • Exodus: 825 pages
    • Leviticus: 123 pages
    • Numbers: 163 pages
    • Deuteronomy: 218 pages
    • ... (list continues with other books and their respective pages)
  • New Testament Books:

    • Matthew: 49 pages
    • Mark: 79 pages
    • Luke: 129 pages
    • John: 166 pages
    • Acts: 212 pages
    • ... (list continues with other books and their respective pages)


  • The Bible Society of Myanmar
    • This organization is dedicated to translating and distributing the Bible in various languages within Myanmar, helping to spread Christian teachings and supporting the faith of diverse linguistic communities.


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Zotung Chin Translation


Zotung Chin Hae Byakin, Bible Society of Myanmar nih tuahmi cauk ahcun, Kristo thil te hna langhter bikmi hlan ter in si. Hi an edition nih a chung un 2016 hlan ah kan si i, Zotung Chin ca i tuahmi mi hna caah biatak in a lungpi mi cauk si. Bible hi a chung ah mah Zoh phunh nak i minung pawl hna rian lakmi lai mi hi ti i a simmi hi. An cauk hlan nak karlak ah American Bible Society nih sinak thil pakhat sin in lungpi cangmi a si i, hi cu mi pakhat an tuah nak cu text hlan pawl hna caah a hmuh thil si.

Interesting Facts

  • Language and Translation: Hi an Bible nih Zotung Chin holh hman mi an si i, Myanmar ram ah siang bikmi hna cu khua tlang tiang an ummi mi hna an si.
  • Publisher: The Bible Society of Myanmar hi a lungpi nak caah mi Bibles tam deuh hna cu ram le ram ling ah an tuah mi i, hmanh bantuk in sual tam tuk te hna cu kum in khatnak nak ttha in an pet mi caah an lung a tel.
  • Printing and Production: Hi an Bible nih Korea ram ah an lak caah ttha bik in an tuah.
  • Maps: The end sheets hi maps sinak hlan American Bible Society nih a pet mi le, hi cu hmanh bantuk in kan siangmi thil tiang caah a hmunh thil sual te ah an tuah.


#HolyBible #ZotungChinBible #BibleSocietyofMyanmar #ChristianScriptures #ZotungChinLanguage #MyanmarBibles #ReligiousText #BibleTranslation #ChristianFaith #SpiritualGrowth

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