The Holy Bible in Sgaw Karen / S'gaw Karen language of Myanmar and Thailand / စှီၤ/ကညီကျိာ်

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The Holy Bible in Sgaw Karen / With Color Maps and 1 Ribbon Marker

By United Bible Societies (Author) / S'gaw Karen language of Myanmar and Thailand / စှီၤ/ကညီကျိာ်

ISBN-13: 978-6163390608

Product Features

  • Format: Vinyl Bound
  • Pages: Not specified
  • Publication Date: 2015
  • Publisher: Thailand Bible Society
  • Language: S'gaw Karen (စှီၤ/ကညီကျိာ်)
  • ISBN-10: 6163390601
  • ISBN-13: 978-6163390608
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 x 1 inches
  • Special Features: Color Maps and 1 Ribbon Marker


This edition of the Holy Bible is presented in S'gaw Karen, a language predominantly spoken by the Sgaw Karen people across Myanmar and Thailand. Essential for both spiritual practice and cultural preservation, this Bible is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Sgaw Karen-speaking community. Featuring vinyl binding for durability, color maps for geographical context, and a ribbon marker for keeping place, it is designed for both daily use and deeper biblical study.

Interesting Facts

  • S'gaw Karen belongs to the Karenic branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family and is spoken by approximately 4.2 million people.
  • The text utilizes the S'gaw Karen alphabet, which is based on the Burmese script, with a Latin-based script also in use among communities in northwestern Thailand.
  • This Bible translation is an essential resource for the Sgaw Karen Christian community, fostering spiritual growth and helping preserve the linguistic heritage of the Sgaw Karen people.

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Key Credits

  • Publisher: Thailand Bible Society
  • Language: S'gaw Karen

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Pronunciation [sɣɔʔ]
Native to Myanmar, Thailand
Region Kayin State, Eastern Myanmar, Western Thailand
Ethnicity Karen people
Native speakers
(4 million cited 1983–2011)[1]
Language family
  • Karenic
    • Sgaw–Bghai
      • Karen
Writing system
Myanmar script
S'gaw Karen Script
(Karen alphabet)
Latin script
Karen Braille

Official status

Official language in
Kayin State
Recognised minority
language in

Language codes

ISO 639-2 kar
ISO 639-3 ksw – inclusive code
Individual codes:
ksw – S'gaw
jkp – Paku
jkm – Mopwa
wea – Wewaw
Glottolog sout1554[2]
Lenguas tibeto-birmanas.png


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