James Bond 007 - You only Live Twice DVD 1967 Csak kétszer élsz / Directed by Lewis Gilbert / Starring: Sean Connery

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James Bond 007 - You only Live Twice DVD 1967 Csak kétszer élsz / Directed by Lewis Gilbert / Starring: Sean Connery

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AUDIO: English 5.1, Czech 5.1, Hungarian 5.1, Polish 5.1

Subtitles: English, Czech, Bulgarian, Croatian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish

TOTAL RUNTIME: 112 minutes


Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 - DVD 16 of 20 /  James Bond Sorozat 16/20


English Summary:

You Only Live Twice is a 1967 spy film and the fifth in the James Bond series produced by Eon Productions, starring Sean Connery as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond. You Only Live Twice is the first Bond film to be directed by Lewis Gilbert, who later directed the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me and the 1979 film Moonraker, both starring Roger Moore. The film's screenplay was written by Roald Dahl, and loosely based on Ian Fleming's 1964 novel of the same name. It is the first James Bond film to discard most of Fleming's plot, using only a few characters and locations from the book as the background for an entirely new story.

American NASA spacecraft Jupiter 16 is hijacked from orbit by an unidentified spaceship. The United States suspects it to be the work of the Soviets, but the British suspect Japanese involvement since the spacecraft, after having "swallowed" Jupiter 16, landed in the Sea of Japan. To investigate, MI6 operative James Bond is sent to Tokyo, after faking his own death in Hong Kong and being buried at sea from HMS Tenby.

Upon his arrival, Bond attends a sumo match where he is approached by Japanese secret service agent Aki who takes him to meet local MI6 operative Dikko Henderson. Henderson claims to have critical evidence about the rogue craft, but is killed before he can elaborate. Bond chases and kills the assailant, taking the assailant's clothing as a disguise, and is driven in the getaway car to Osato Chemicals. Once there, Bond subdues the driver and breaks into the office safe of the company's president, Mr. Osato. After obtaining certain documents, Bond is pursued by armed security, but is rescued by Aki, who flees to a secluded subway station. Bond chases her, but falls down a trap door leading to the office of the head of the Japanese secret service, Tiger Tanaka. The stolen documents are examined, and found to include a photograph of the cargo ship Ning-Po, with a microdot message saying the tourist who took the photo was killed as a security precaution. While at Tanaka's spa, Bond meets with Aki again. Having developed feelings for each other, the pair kiss and Bond carries Aki to his bed.


Hungarian Summary:

Egy titokzatos űrhajó teljes személyzettel elragad egy földi űrállomást. A szuperhatalmak már a harmadik világháborúra készülődnek. Most már csak a 007-es ügynök segíthet. Bond ellenfele egy kialudt vulkán mélyén rendezte be főhadiszállását.



Cast / Szereplők:

  • Sean Connery as James Bond, an MI6 agent
  • Akiko Wakabayashi as Aki, an agent with the Japanese SIS who assists Bond
  • Mie Hama as Kissy Suzuki, an Ama diving girl who replaces Aki after her death, and marries Bond as an undercover ployTetsurō Tamba as Tiger Tanaka, head of Japanese secret service
    • Nikki van der Zyl (uncredited) as the voice of Kissy Suzuki
  • Teru Shimada as Mr. Osato, a Japanese industrialist secretly affiliated to SPECTRE
  • Karin Dor as Helga Brandt/No. 11, Osato's secretary and a SPECTRE assassin
  • Donald Pleasence as Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the megalomaniacal head of the terrorist syndicate known as SPECTRE
  • Bernard Lee as M, the head of MI6
  • Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny, M's secretary
  • Desmond Llewelyn as Q, head of MI6 technical department
  • Charles Gray as Dikko Henderson, British contact living in Japan
  • Tsai Chin as Chinese Girl (Hong Kong), Ling, undercover MI6 agent[4]
  • Peter Maivia (credited as Peter Fanene Miavia) as Car Driver, one of Osato's henchmen, who fights Bond in Osato's office
  • Burt Kwouk as Spectre 3, one of Blofeld's henchmen
  • Michael Chow as Spectre 4, one of Blofeld's henchmen
  • Ronald Rich as Blofeld's bodyguard, Hans
  • Jeanne Roland as Bond's Masseuse
  • David Toguri as Assassin (Bedroom), one of Osato's henchmen, who kills Aki
  • John Stone as Submarine Captain
  • Norman Jones as Astronaut – 1st American Spacecraft
  • Ed Bishop (uncredited) as NASA Hawaii technician who warns 1st American spacecraft of approaching unidentified craft [5]
  • Shane Rimmer (uncredited) as NASA Hawaii technician
  • Paul Carson as Astronaut – 1st American Spacecraft
  • Laurence Herder as Cosmonaut – Soviet Spacecraft
  • Richard Graydon as Cosmonaut – Soviet Spacecraft
  • Bill Mitchell as Astronaut – 2nd American Spacecraft
  • George Roubicek as Astronaut – 2nd American Spacecraft
  • Anthony Ainley as Hong Kong Policeman


Magyar Hangok:

James Bond (007) Sean Connery Vass Gábor
Aki Akiko Wakabayashi Györgyi Anna
Kissy Suzuki Mie Hama Kocsis Judit
Tigris Tanaka Tetsuro Tamba Balázsi Gyula
Mr. Osato Teru Shimada Dobránszky Zoltán
Helga Brandt Karin Dor Andai Györgyi
Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Fantom) Donald Pleasence Sinkó László
M Bernard Lee Szokolay Ottó
Miss Moneypenny Lois Maxwell Andresz Kati
Q Desmond Llewelyn Kun Vilmos
Dikko Henderson Charles Gray Szersén Gyula
Ling, a hongkongi lány Tsai Chin Biró Anikó
Sofőr Peter Fenane Maivia (eredeti nyelven)
3-as ügynök Burt Kwouk Németh Gábor
4-es ügynök Michael Chow Kassai Károly
Tengeralattjáró-kapitány John Stone Varga Tamás
Hongkongi rendőrtiszt Patrick Jordan Áron László
Hongkongi rendőr Anthony Ainley ?
Amerikai elnök Alexander Knox Uri István
Elnöki tanácsadó Robert Hutton Orosz István
Tábornok a Pentagonban William Sylvester ?
Brit diplomata Edward Mulhare Melis Gábor
Orosz diplomata George Murcell Gyürki István
Amerikai diplomata David Bauer Pataky Imre
Houstoni radarkezelő David Healy Dimulász Miklós
Hawaii radarkezelő Ed Bishop Bácskai János
Blofeld fiatalabb befektetője Hisako Katakura Csuja Imre
Blofeld idősebb befektetője TBA Juhász Tóth Frigyes
Tábori pap Bond eltemetésén TBA Kardos Gábor


Directed by Lewis Gilbert
Produced by Albert R. Broccoli
Harry Saltzman
Screenplay by Roald Dahl
Story by Harold Jack Bloom
(Additional Story Material)
Based on You Only Live Twice
by Ian Fleming
Starring Sean Connery
Music by John Barry
Cinematography Freddie Young
Edited by Peter R. Hunt
Eon Productions
Distributed by United Artists
Release date
  • 12 June 1967 (London, premiere)
  • 13 June 1967 (United Kingdom and United States)
Running time
112 minutes
Country United Kingdom
United States


James Bond 007 - You only Live Twice DVD 1967 1.JPG

James Bond 007 - You only Live Twice DVD 1967 1.JPG


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