Burgundy Leather bound Chinese Holy Bible - New Chinese Version (Shen edition) / Worldwide Bible Society 2001

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Burgundy Leather bound Chinese Holy Bible - New Chinese Version (Shen edition)

Worldwide Bible Society 2001 / Leather bound with zipper and page indexes with silver edges

Product Features

  • Title: Burgundy Leather Bound Chinese Holy Bible - New Chinese Version (Shen Edition)
  • Cover: Burgundy Leather Bound with Zipper and Page Indexes, Silver Page Edges
  • Version: New Chinese Version (Shen Edition)
  • Language: Chinese (Mandarin) Traditional
  • Publisher: Worldwide Bible Society
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • ISBN: 978-9628623723, 9628623729
  • Pages: 1410


The Burgundy Leather Bound Chinese Holy Bible, published by the Worldwide Bible Society in 2001, is a beautifully crafted edition of the New Chinese Version (Shen Edition). This Bible features a durable burgundy leather cover with a zipper for added protection, page indexes for easy navigation, and elegant silver page edges. Presented in Traditional Chinese, this version uses modern punctuation and terminology to enhance readability and comprehension.

Interesting Facts

  • New Chinese Version (Shen Edition): This version uses "Shen" (神) for God, a traditional and theologically rich term in Chinese Christian translations. It employs modern punctuation and language, making the text accessible and clear.
  • Modern Features: The text includes modern punctuation for clear reading, international metric units, and section headings for easy understanding. Proper names and places are clearly marked, and additional explanatory notes are provided for clarity.
  • Translation History: The New Chinese Version was completed over 20 years, with the New Testament first published in 1976 and the Old Testament following 16 years later. It is known for its faithfulness to the original texts, readability, and doctrinal integrity.
  • Publisher: The Worldwide Bible Society is dedicated to producing high-quality religious texts, ensuring that this Bible meets the highest standards of accuracy and craftsmanship.


Worldwide Bible Society

The Worldwide Bible Society is committed to providing high-quality Bibles and religious study materials in various languages. Their mission is to support the spiritual growth and education of believers by making the Word of God accessible and comprehensible.


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Overview (Chinese)



Interesting Facts (Chinese)


  • 新譯本(神版): 这个版本使用“神”来指代上帝,反映了中文基督教翻译中的传统和神学丰富性。它采用现代标点和语言,使文本更加易读和清晰。
  • 现代功能: 文本包括现代标点以便于阅读,采用国际公制单位,并为每章添加分段标题以便于理解。人名和地名有明确标记,并提供额外的解释性注释以增加清晰度。
  • 翻译历史: 新譯本经过20多年的努力完成,新约全书于1976年首次出版,旧约部分则在16年后完成。以其对原文的忠实度、可读性和信仰纯正著称。
  • 出版商: 全球聖經公會致力于提供高质量的宗教文本,确保这本圣经符合最高的准确性和工艺标准。

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