Luxury Holy Bible Chinese Union Version with New Punctuation - Black Leatherbound with snap fastener

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Luxury Holy Bible Chinese Union Version with New Punctuation

Black Leatherbound with snap fastener, golden page edges, thumb index / Bible Society of Malaysia 1999 / CUNPSS 050 Series

  • ISBN: 9789830300665 / 978-9830300665
  • ISBN-10: 9830300668
  • PAGES: 1280
  • PUBLISHER: Bible Society of Malaysia
  • LANGUAGE: Chinese

Product Features

  • Cover: Black Leather Bound with Snap Fastener
  • Page Edges: Golden (Gilt) Edges
  • Special Feature: Thumb Index
  • Parallel Passages: Center Column on Each Page
  • Year of Publication: 1999
  • ISBN: 9789830300665 / 978-9830300665
  • ISBN-10: 9830300668
  • Pages: 1280
  • Language: Chinese - Chinese Union Version with New Punctuation (CUNP)


The Luxury Holy Bible in the Chinese Union Version with New Punctuation (CUNP) is an exquisite edition designed for Chinese Protestants. This Bible, published by the Bible Society of Malaysia in 1999, features a black leather cover with a snap fastener, golden page edges, and a thumb index for easy reference. The 1280-page Bible is designed to be both beautiful and functional, with parallel passages conveniently located in the center column of each page.

The Chinese Union Version, originally published in 1919, is the most widely used Bible translation among Chinese Protestants. The New Punctuation version, published in 1988, modernizes the text with contemporary punctuation and names of places and people. This update was organized by the United Bible Societies and involved a team of Bible scholars, translation experts, and editorial professionals. The Hong Kong Bible Society holds the copyright for the CUNP.

Interesting Facts

  • Publisher Background: The Bible Society of Malaysia is dedicated to distributing high-quality Bibles and biblical resources. Their publications aim to support the spiritual growth and scriptural engagement of the Chinese-speaking Christian community.
  • Translation Significance: The Chinese Union Version with New Punctuation (CUNP) was a major update to the original 1919 version. It replaced older punctuation with modern standards and updated the names of people and places for contemporary relevance.
  • Design Elements: The luxurious design with black leather, a snap fastener, and golden page edges makes this Bible an elegant choice for personal use or as a gift.

Chinese Description



  • Publisher: Bible Society of Malaysia


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  • 出版商背景: 马来西亚圣经公会致力于分发高质量的圣经和圣经资源,支持讲华语的基督教社区的属灵成长和圣经学习。
  • 翻译意义: 新标点和合本(CUNP)是对1919年版的重要更新,使用现代标点符号替代旧标点,并更新人名和地名,使其符合现代标准。
  • 设计元素: 豪华的设计,黑色皮革封面,带按扣和镀金书页边缘,使这本圣经成为个人使用或馈赠的优雅选择。


  • 出版商: 马来西亚圣经公会


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Product Reviews

  • 5

    Nice Leather, Chinese-Only, Small Bible

    Unknown on Apr 18th 2022

    I don't read Chinese, but I read that this version is common and supposed to be good. Leather Bible with snap. It is a Chinese Bible; not an English Bible. Pocket-sized. Although it's convenient to store, the type is a little small, and the Bible is a little small. The only negatives I see. Maps and illustrations. Beautiful.