Christian Community Bible in ENGLISH Language Catholic Pastoral Edition

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Christian Community Bible in ENGLISH Language Catholic Pastoral Edition / Color Maps, Thumb Index / Bernardo Hurault


ISBN-10: 9710511467
ISBN-13: 978-9710511464 / 9789710511464


Product Features


  • Title: Christian Community Bible: Catholic Pastoral Edition
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Bible Society (2010)
  • Pages: 1876 pages
  • Product Type: Paperback




The Christian Community Bible, Catholic Pastoral Edition, stands as a cornerstone in the realm of biblical translations, distinguished by its linguistic clarity and theological depth. Originating from a pastoral concern in Latin America, this edition has transcended geographical and linguistic barriers, making the sacred scriptures accessible and relatable to a global audience. With its direct translation from the Hebrew and Greek texts into straightforward English, it serves not only as a biblical text but as a comprehensive catechism, guiding believers in their spiritual journey with insightful commentaries that illuminate the Christian way of life.


Interesting Facts


  • Pastoral Origin: Conceived with a pastoral mission in Latin America, this edition reflects a deep commitment to making the Bible relevant and accessible to ordinary believers, fostering a deeper engagement with God's Word.
  • Multilingual Reach: Successfully translated into various languages including English, French, Filipino, and Chinese, the Christian Community Bible resonates with a wide audience, underscoring its universal appeal and adaptability.
  • Dynamic Revision: The continuous process of revising translations and commentaries ensures that the Christian Community Bible remains both accurate and pertinent, adapting to the evolving understanding of scripture and the needs of the faithful.


Key Credits


  • Editorial Team: A dedicated group of theologians, linguists, and pastoral workers, deeply rooted in their faith and scholarship, have collaborated to produce a translation that is both accurate to the original texts and deeply informed by a pastoral sensibility.




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