Worship Songs Of Grace / “Grace Unleashed: Kingsway’s 2010 Collection of Worship Songs” / Kingsway Audio CD 2010 / KMCD3144

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Worship Songs Of Grace / “Grace Unleashed: Kingsway’s 2010 Collection of Worship Songs” / Kingsway Audio CD 2010 / KMCD3144

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Grace, like a soft summer rain, washes over us, cleansing and renewing. This evocative compilation from Kingsway Music, aptly titled "Worship Songs Of Grace," is a sanctuary of 12 soul-stirring anthems that delve into the depths of God's boundless mercy. Released in 2010, this collection became a cherished resource for churches and individuals seeking to uplift their spirits and celebrate the extraordinary gift of grace. 

Each track unfolds like a heartfelt prayer, brimming with vulnerability and profound gratitude. Renowned artists like Stuart Townend, Chris McClarney, and Michelle Tumes lend their voices to weave a tapestry of praise and reflection. 

Open your heart to the poignant melody of "I Know Not Why God's Wondrous Grace," as Townend's gentle vocals whisper the depths of our undeserved blessings. Chris McClarney's soaring rendition of "Your Love Never Fails" washes over you with unwavering assurance, while Al Gordon's "Because Of Your Love" offers a tender outpouring of devotion. 

Let the rhythm of Michelle Tumes' "Outrageous Grace" ignite your spirit, challenging you to embrace the audaciousness of divine mercy. Brenton Brown's "All Who Are Thirsty" invites you to the wellspring of grace, quenching your soul's deepest desires. 

Margaret Becker's "God Of Grace" paints a poignant portrait of divine compassion, and Noel Richards' "Good And Gracious" overflows with exuberant praise. Delirious?'s electrifying "Majesty" reminds us of God's unyielding sovereignty, even amidst life's uncertainties. 

And finally, Andreana Arganda's powerful rendition of "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)" closes the album on a triumphant note, leaving you with a resounding sense of liberation and hope. 

"Worship Songs Of Grace" is more than just an album; it's an experience. It's a gentle invitation to surrender to the transformative power of grace, to bask in its unconditional embrace, and to let its melody guide your every step. Whether you're seeking solace in times of hardship or celebrating the joys of faith, this collection offers a wellspring of inspiration and renewal. 

So, turn up the volume, let the music wash over you, and open your heart to the boundless grace of God. 

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This CD features worship songs focused on the theme of grace and is produced by Kingsway Music, a Christian music label based in the UK. The CD contains 12 tracks, including popular worship songs such as "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)," and "Your Grace Is Enough." The album is designed to be a resource for churches and individuals looking for worship songs that focus on the grace of God.


1.  I Know Not Why God's Wondrous Grace - Stuart Townend

2.  Your Love Never Fails - Chris McClarney

3.  Because Of Your Love - Al Gordon

4.  Outrageous Grace - Michelle Tumes

5.  All Who Are Thirsty - Brenton Brown

6.  God Of Grace - Margaret Becker

7.  Good And Gracious - Noel Richards

8.  Majesty - Delirious?

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