The Martian Chronicles Part 1 DVD 1980 Marsbéli krónikák 1. rész - Az expediíciók / Directed by Michael Anderson / Starring: Rock Hudson, Gayle Hunnicutt, Bernie Casey, Roddy McDowall, Darren McGavin

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The Martian Chronicles Part 1 - The Expeditions DVD 1980 Marsbéli krónikák 1. rész - Az expediíciók / Directed by Michael Anderson / Starring: Rock Hudson, Gayle Hunnicutt, Bernie Casey, Roddy McDowall, Darren McGavin

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AUDIO: English 2.0, Hungarian 2.0

Subtitles: Hungarian

Total Runtime: 98 minutes


English Summary:

The Martian Chronicles is a 1980 television miniseries based on Ray Bradbury's 1950 book The Martian Chronicles and dealing with the exploration of Mars and the inhabitants there. The series starred Rock Hudson, Darren McGavin, Bernadette Peters, Roddy McDowall, Fritz Weaver, Barry Morse, and Maria Schell. It was aired on NBC in January 1980 in three episodes with a total running time of just over four hours (nearly five hours on the DVD version). The series depicts Mars as having a "thin atmosphere" which humans can breathe with water-filled canals and desert-like vegetation. The miniseries was directed by Michael Anderson and written by Richard Matheson.


The Expeditions

Episode 1, 27 January 1980

The first episode starts at the scene of Viking 1 unmanned probe landing on the surface of the planet Mars in July 1976. A narrator explains that the purpose of the probe is to determine whether Mars is inhabited. As the narrator is speaking, the viewer becomes aware that there are two viewpoints at NASA amongst the scientists who launched the probe: One group obviously believes Mars is uninhabited, the other is open to the possibility of indigenous life on the planet. Each has its convincing arguments, but ultimately the probe indicates that Mars does not harbour life. At the close of the scene the camera pans back to show a larger view of the probe's landing area, with what appears to be indigenous Martian settlements in the surrounding terrain, with the narrator noting that, "If the probe had landed just a few miles further on, things might have been different." Afterwards the opening credits roll.

The next scene places the viewer at the Kennedy Space Center in January 1999 when the first "Zeus I" manned spacecraft to Mars is carried into orbit by a Saturn V rocket. The Zeus project represents the beginning of a major effort by NASA and NATO to explore and eventually colonize the outer planets.

On Mars, Ylla (a Martian woman trapped in an unromantic marriage) dreams of the coming astronauts through telepathy. Her husband, though he pretends to deny the reality of the dreams, becomes bitterly jealous, sensing his wife's inchoate romantic feelings for one of the astronauts. He kills the two-man expedition, astronauts Nathaniel York and Bert Conover, as soon as they arrive. Mission control on Earth does not know the fate of the crew, and one of the senior astronauts Jeff Spender urges the project director Col. John Wilder to abandon the Zeus project because of concerns that Mars may already harbor life. Wilder (who has shepherded the project for ten years) refuses, among other things because he believes mankind might escape environmental pollution and war on Earth by colonizing Mars instead.

A second mission is launched and the "Zeus II" crew lands on Mars in April 2000. To their amazement the crew (astronauts Arthur Black, Sam Hinkston and David Lustig) discover that they have landed in a town that looks exactly like Green Bluff, Illinois. circa 1979. They are warmly greeted by close relatives and loved ones who all died years ago. In fact, the Martians use the memories of the astronauts to lure them into their old homes, where they are killed in the middle of the night.


Hungarian Summary:

Az emberiség régi álma válik valóra, amikor az első űrhajó a Marsra érkezik. A szonda nem talál életre utaló jeleket. Ám ha néhány kilométerrel arrébb ért volna földet, egész más hírek-kel tért volna haza... Több évtizeddel később már emberek is érkez-nek a vörös bolygó felfedezésére. Egy marsbéli nő erotikus álmaiban előre látja a Zeus-1 űrhajó érkezését. Amikor a földlakók megérkeznek, az asszony féltékeny férje azonnal végez az űrhajó utasaival. A Zeus-2 sem jár sokkal több szerencsével. A gondolatolvasásra képes Mars-lakók kifürkészik az űrhajósok emlékeit és tőrbe csalják őket, hogy az emberiség ne tehesse tönkre bolygójukat. Amikor viszont a Zeus-3 megérkezik a Marsra, már csak halott Marslakókat talál. A korábbi expedíciók egy, az ember számára szinte ártalmatlan, a Marslakókra nézve azonban végzetes vírust hurcolnak be: a bárányhimlőt...



Cast / Szereplők:

  • Rock Hudson as Colonel John Wilder
  • Gayle Hunnicutt as Ruth Wilder
  • Bernie Casey as Major Jeff Spender
  • Christopher Connelly as Ben Driscoll
  • Nicholas Hammond as Captain Arthur Black
  • Roddy McDowall as Father Stone
  • Darren McGavin as Sam Parkhill
  • Bernadette Peters as Genevieve Selsor
  • Maria Schell as Anna Lustig
  • Joyce Van Patten as Elma Parkhill
  • Fritz Weaver as Father Peregrine
  • Laurie Holden as Marie Wilder
  • Burnell Tucker as Bill Wilder
  • Richard Oldfield as Captain Nathaniel York
  • Maggie Wright as Ylla
  • Robert Beatty as General Halstead
  • Estelle Brody as Mrs Black
  • Phil Brown as Mr Black
  • Anthony Pullen Shaw as Edward Black
  • Michael Anderson Jr. as David Lustig
  • Wolfgang Reichmann as Leif Lustig
  • Alison Elliott as Lavinia Spalding
  • Jon Finch as Jesus Christ
  • Barry Morse as Peter Hathaway
  • Nyree Dawn Porter as Alice Hathaway
  • Linda Lou Allen as Marilyn
  • John Cassady as Briggs
  • James Faulkner as Mr K
  • Vadim Glowna as Sam Hinkston
  • Richard Heffer as Conover
  • Derek Lamden as Martian on sand ship
  • Terence Longdon as Martian
  • Peter Marinker as McClure



Based on The Martian Chronicles
by Ray Bradbury
Screenplay by Richard Matheson
Directed by Michael Anderson
Starring Rock Hudson
Roddy McDowall
Maria Schell
Composer Stanley Myers
Country of origin United States
United Kingdom
No. of episodes 3 (list of episodes)
Producers Milton Subotsky
Andrew Donally
Running time 97 min each episode
(Without commercials)



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