Risen - A powerful novel based on the major motion picture!

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Risen - A powerful novel based on the major motion picture!



  • Category: Movies
  • Genre: Drama, Adventure, Psychological Drama, Thriller
  • Director: Kevin Reynolds
  • Cast: Antonio Gil-Martinez, Joseph Fiennes, Cliff Curtis, Luis Callejo, Maria Botto, Mark Killeen, Peter Firth, Richard Atwill, Stuart Scudamore, Tom Felton
  • Released: 2016 



The narrative of Christ's resurrection is not just a pivotal moment in religious history, it's the ultimate narrative of redemption. Easter celebrates this triumphant turnaround — the passage from despair to hope, from loss to salvation. 

In the Gospel of Mark, the resurrection serves as a beacon of renewal. It tells us that our setbacks are never final. You, too, can rise from the ashes of defeat. This is the essence of the Easter miracle. 

Consider the Apostle Peter — a man who knew failure intimately. He was the disciple who boasted of unwavering loyalty to Jesus, only to crumble when tested, denying Jesus thrice in his hour of need. Peter's story didn't end in his failure, though. The news of Jesus's resurrection was a crossroads for him — a moment fraught with both dread and possibility.

Many of us share this internal conflict. We question whether our failings are too great, whether a return to our faith community will bring judgment or grace, exclusion or embrace, a final verdict or a fresh start. 

Yet, the Gospel of Mark offers two words of profound reassurance: "and Peter." These words, spoken by an angel announcing Jesus's return, were a direct call to Peter — a message of unconditional love and a declaration that his story was far from over. They signify that no past actions are beyond the scope of forgiveness; no distance from God is too far to be bridged. 

This message was clear in Peter's story and echoed in the cinematic portrayal of Clavius in the film "Risen." It’s a message that remains relevant: Christ's presence in our lives is not for condemnation but for unconditional love and acceptance. 

The promise of Easter, as seen through Peter's journey, is a promise extended to all: your past does not define you in the eyes of the divine. Redemption is always within reach, and you can indeed rise above defeat

Roman tribune Clavius has the responsibility of guarding Yeshua's tomb.  He knows he's answerable to Pilate.  When Christ's body disappears, he'll stop at nothing to identify the "thief."  Will his investigation unearth answers that shake his beliefs---and all of history?



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