Neon Orange Paperback NIV Holy Bible – The Drama of the Bible

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Neon Orange Paperback NIV Holy Bible – The Drama of the Bible

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Product Features:

  • Unique title: "The Drama of the Bible" presents the scripture as a captivating storyline for engaging exploration.
  • Vibrant cover: The neon orange paperback cover adds a contemporary touch, making this Bible a visually striking addition to any bookshelf.
  • Comprehensive content: Featuring the complete New International Version (NIV) translation, this Bible offers a clear and accurate rendering of scripture for modern readers.
  • Enhanced understanding: Book introductions provide context and insight, while the double-column format facilitates easy reading and navigation.


The Neon Orange NIV Holy Bible – The Drama of the Bible presents the scriptures in a fresh and engaging way. This edition features the New International Version (NIV) translation, known for its accuracy and readability. The unique title, "The Drama of the Bible," invites readers to experience the biblical narrative as a captivating story, unfolding in six acts. Book introductions provide helpful context and background information for each section of scripture, while the double-column format makes it easy to navigate and compare passages.

Interesting Facts:

  • The New International Version (NIV) is one of the most popular contemporary English translations of the Bible, known for its balance of accuracy, readability, and natural-sounding language.
  • The concept of framing the Bible's narrative as a drama is not new, but this edition uses the title and potentially introductory notes to explicitly present it in this way, catering to readers who might find this approach engaging.

Key Credits:

  • Translation: New International Version (NIV)

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