Kinh Thánh ấn bản 2011 / Vietnamese Holy Bible 2011 translation / Nhà Xuất Bản Tôn Giáo / United Bible Societies / Large Size / Hardcover Burgundy / Revised Vietnamese Bible 2011

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Kinh Thánh ấn bản 2011 / Vietnamese Holy Bible 2011 translation / Nhà Xuất Bản Tôn Giáo / United Bible Societies / Large Size / Hardcover Burgundy / Color maps, parallel passages on margins / Two bookmark ribbons / Kinh Thánh—Bản dịch Thế Giới Mới (Ma-thi-ơ đến Khải huyền) (2011)

Hardcover 2011

ISBN 9786046129172 /  978-6046129172

ISBN-10: 6046129176

PAGES: 2798

PUBLISHER: Nhà Xuất Bản Tôn Giáo / Christian Publishing

LANGAUGE: Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt


English Summary:

Revised Vietnamese Bible 2011

Hardcover / Burgundy color

Color maps / Parallel passages on the margins

Two Red Bookmark ribbons


Christianity was first introduced to Vietnam  in the 16th century and established a position in Vietnamese society since the 19th century. Roman Catholics and Protestants today constitute 7% and 1% of the country’s population respectively; however, the number might be higher, such as 10% Catholic population and 5% Protestant population in Vietnam. Christian foreign missionaries are not allowed to proselytize or perform religious activities without government approval. Undeclared missionaries from several countries are active in Vietnam.

The modern Vietnamese alphabet chữ Quốc ngữ was created by Portuguese and Italian Jesuit missionaries and institutionalized by Alexandre de Rhodes with the first printing of Catholic texts in Vietnamese in 1651, but not the Bible. Some New Testament extracts were translated and printed in catechisms in Thailand in 1872.

Jean Bonet (1844–1907), of the Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales, Paris, translated the Gospel of Luke from French to Vietnamese in 1890 for the Protestant Convention in Paris.

In 1916 the Catholic Church published Albert Schlicklin's Latin-Vietnamese parallel text Bible in Paris by the Paris Foreign Missions Society. Known under Schlicklin's Vietnamese name Cố Chính Linh, the Cố Chính Linh version was still the most used Bible among Catholics in 1970s.

The organized work of British and Foreign Bible Society in Vietnam began in 1890. Their agent Walter J. James completed Mark, John, and Acts, but government leaders restricted distribution. The first translation from Greek, and still the standard Protestant Vietnamese version, Kinh Thánh Bản Truyền Thống, was principally done by Grace Hazenberg Cadman and John Drange Olsen (New Testament 1923, Old Testament 1926). Grace and her husband William Cadman, who managed the Bible printing in Hanoi, worked for the Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) and co-operated with the British and Foreign Bible Society. Grace "began a fresh translation" in 1917. The whole Bible was published in 1934 and is published by the Bible Society in Vietnam as the "Old Version" and uses an archaic, traditional vocabulary of Vietnamese.











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