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R. Kelly - Trapped in the Closet DVD 2005 Chapters 1-12 / Directed by R. Kelly, Jim Swaffield / Starring: R. Kelly, Cat Wilson, Rolando A. Boyce, LeShay Tomlinson / An opera by American R&B singer

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R. Kelly - Trapped in the Closet DVD 2005 Chapters 1-12 / Directed by R. Kelly, Jim Swaffield / Starring: R. Kelly, Cat Wilson, Rolando A. Boyce, LeShay Tomlinson / An opera by American R&B singer

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AUDIO: English 5.1

Runtime: 100 minutes


English Summary:

Trapped in the Closet is an opera by American R&B singer R. Kelly, which currently consists of 33 "chapters" released from 2005 to 2012. Written and produced by R. Kelly, the series tells a story of a one-night stand which sets off a chain of events, gradually revealing a greater web of lies, sex and deceit. The music follows a distinctive repeating 2 chord pattern (major I to minor iv6) in the key of E, and most chapters feature variations on the same melodic material.

Video synopsis: Chapters 1–12

Chapter 1

Sylvester wakes up in bed with a woman who is not his wife. As he prepares to leave, the woman tells him her husband is coming up the stairs and tells Sylvester to hide in the closet. The couple begins making love when Sylvester's cell phone rings, prompting the husband to investigate. After searching elsewhere, he slowly approaches the closet. Sylvester, prepared for a confrontation, takes out his Beretta pistol.

Ending cliffhanger line: "Now he's opening the closet...."
Chapter 2

Having discovered Sylvester in his wife's closet, the husband nearly attacks him but stops because Sylvester is armed. He tells Sylvester that he is a pastor and not prone to violence. When Sylvester tries to leave, the husband tells him to stay because he wants to reveal a "secret". He then calls someone he calls "baby" and says to "turn the car around". Sylvester is anxious about what the husband is about to reveal and becomes threatening, but then someone knocks on the door. The husband opens the door and the person turns out to be another man—revealing the husband (Rufus) to be bisexual.

Ending cliffhanger line: "I can't believe it's a man....."
Chapter 3

A shocked and confused Sylvester prepares to leave but the wife asks him to stay. She then argues with her husband, Rufus, over his own infidelity. When Sylvester demands more explanation, the other man, Chuck, begins explaining how their affair came about. Rufus calls his wife Cathy, which shocks Sylvester, who thought her name was Mary. Rufus, Cathy, and Chuck all begin yelling at each other, prompting Sylvester to shoot his gun in the air to quiet them. Sylvester then calls home but is stunned when another man answers the phone. He quickly bolts out of the apartment.

Ending cliffhanger line: "Call up my home and a man picks up the phone...."
Chapter 4

Sylvester is seen rushing home, angered and belligerent, but is pulled over by a police officer, who gives him a ticket for speeding. He breaks in his own back door and surprises his wife in the shower only to find her alone. She reminds Sylvester that her brother Twan was coming home that day, and he answered the phone. Sylvester apologizes, and they begin making love. In the middle of it, however, Sylvester's wife, Gwendolyn, discreetly covers something on the bed and then jumps on top of Sylvester and begins to go wild. When Gwendolyn finally climaxes and rolls off him, Sylvester flips the bed cover to find the used condom that she had tried to hide.

Ending cliffhanger line: "Oh, my God, a rubber!"

The video for chapter four has since been revised to better match chapter six. The original actor for the officer AKA James, Rondolo Bryce, was changed to current actor, Michael Kenneth Williams. And the line "I said 'This is some bullshit!', as he gave me the ticket" was changed to "He flicks his cigarette and then gives me the ticket." And "He said no except you were doing 85 in 60 miles zone" Change to "60 in the 40 miles zone" and "I turned my radio on and did 70 all the way home" changed to "and did 50 all the way home"

Chapter 5

Chapter five starts with Sylvester demanding answers about the condom. They argue, and Gwendolyn retorts with her own knowledge of Sylvester's infidelity, saying she saw Sylvester in the club the night before. He ignores that and demands she name names. She begins talking about friends of hers named Tina and Roxanne and also mentions Chuck and Rufus, which confuses Sylvester. She then explains that she and Cathy were friends in high school, and it was Cathy who introduced Gwendolyn to the police officer that stopped Sylvester, confirming that the police officer was her secret lover.

Ending cliffhanger line: "She introduced me to the policeman that stopped you."
Chapter 6

Sylvester and Gwendolyn begin laughing at the entire situation. She admits that the cop she slept with is really the one who answered the phone. And he explains the events of earlier in the morning. Meanwhile, the cop-lover turns his car back around, concerned for Gwendolyn's safety. He sees the back door broken in and mistakes the laughter for abuse and bursts into the bedroom, gun drawn. Sylvester pulls his gun on the cop, whose name is revealed to be James. Gwendolyn pleads with Sylvester, and he puts his gun down. But then James winks and smiles, and Sylvester rushes him. They wrestle over the gun, which inadvertently discharges.

Ending cliffhanger line: "Goin' all around the room, both hands on the gun, then all of a sudden, pow."
Chapter 7

This chapter reveals it was Twan, Gwendolyn's brother who was just released from prison, who was the one who was shot. After realizing who it was, Sylvester and James argue at who was at fault with the shooting, with Sylvester blaming the entire incident on the cop. Twan is presumed to be dead, but in the middle of Sylvester, James and Gwendolyn arguing, Twan coughs, assuring them he is okay and that he was only non-fatally shot in the shoulder. As Twan recovers in the bathroom, Sylvester begins telling him what caused the incident when someone knocks on the door. After being hesitant with answering the door, Sylvester grabs his gun and aims it at the door, Twan joins him, snatching James' gun. At the count of three, Twan opens the door and it is revealed to be the next door neighbor, Rosie, who is shown with a spatula in her hand. A relieved Sylvester and Gwendolyn invite Rosie in while James snatches his gun back from a bewildered Twan's hands and leaves.

Ending cliffhanger-outro line: "...With a spatula in her hand...like that's gon' do something against them guns, it's Rosie, the nosy neighbor."
Chapter 8

In this chapter, a tired and frustrated James drives back to his house and calls up his wife Bridget (Kelly sings all of Bridget's lines with a Southern accent). James tells a concerned Bridget that he was heading home, to which Bridget happily tells him she had baked him a cherry pie. Meanwhile, at Sylvester's house, Rosie, the next door neighbor, tells Sylvester, Twan and Gwendolyn that she could not stand the cop that just left their house causing Gwendolyn, Sylvester and Twan to laugh. Back at James' house, he pulls up to the garage. A panicked Bridget rushes to the door and kisses James. When James asks her why she looked jittery, Bridget excuses it as "might be that time of the month". The "might be" makes James suspicious. Bridget laughs it off, saying "you know what I mean". Bridget tries getting him upstairs, or enticing him with fresh pears, but James insists on heating some leftover chicken. Bridget's nervous breakdown finally leads to James demanding a straight answer from Bridget. James then starts to wonder if Bridget had also cheated on him. Unbeknownst to him and from the looks of a nervous Bridget, it becomes clear another man is still in the house.

Ending cliffhanger line: "But little does he know that somebody is still right there in his home!"
Chapter 9

James starts investigating his house for any possible intruders. When he hears a noise, he begins to search all over the kitchen while a panicked Bridget stands over by the dishes. After James checks the oven and looks behind the fridge, he notices the cherry pie with a slice cut out. When he realizes that Bridget is allergic to cherries, he turns to her and moves slowly to a scared Bridget. After demanding Bridget to move from her spot, which she eventually does, he sees the cabinet and slowly approaches it. Just as he opens it, the video suddenly stops and the narrator exits out of the kitchen pantry and, breaking the fourth wall, tells the audience that the man, hiding in the cabinet, is a midget.

Ending un-cliffhanger line: "Now, pause the movie, 'cause what I'm about to say to y'all is so damn twisted—not only is there a man in his cabinet, but the man is a midget! Midget! Midget! Midget!"
Chapter 10

In this chapter, the midget jumps out of the cabinet and fights with James. After James' constant roughing up on the midget, Bridget runs upstairs where she pulls out a number from her purse. Meanwhile, back downstairs, James puts the midget on the table and demands to know why he was at his house. The midget continues telling him that he was paid not to tell, which only angers James, who pulls his gun on him. When he does, the midget defecates. Back at Sylvester's house, he, Twan and Gwendolyn are playing cards when the phone rings. When Gwendolyn answers it, she hears a panicked Bridget, who tells her she found her number in James' pocket. After a minute, Gwendolyn hangs up and gives Sylvester and Twan the address to the house, presumably to stop the fight. Back at James' house, James and the midget continue fighting until Bridget comes back to the kitchen with a double-barreled shotgun. When James points his gun at Bridget, the midget takes his inhaler out. A few seconds later, Sylvester and Twan burst through the door and Sylvester points his gun at James. Sylvester and Twan notice a peculiar odor in the house. Due to Sylvester and Twan's entrance, the midget faints on the table.

Ending cliffhanger-outro line: "Ohhh, while Twan and Sylvester are sniffin' around, tryin' to figure out what's that smell—as they turn and look at each other like, 'What the hell?"
Chapter 11

In this chapter, the midget wakes up peculiar to seeing three guns and tries to get out of the situation. Sylvester then begs Bridget and James to put their guns down, to which they adamantly refuse. Bridget then tells Sylvester she will drop the gun if James does not hurt the midget, whose name is revealed as "Big Man," a stripper at a club called Dixie's. When Sylvester asks why he was named that, the midget points down to his pants and tell him he is "blessed." After seeing Sylvester and Big Man communicating, James shuts them up calling them "Chuck and Rufus," which confuses Sylvester, who demands to know how James knew of them, though James acts bewildered to Sylvester's question. Just as James looks as if he was going to answer, Bridget starts getting sick. It is then revealed that Bridget is three months pregnant, presumably with James' baby. After James' constant prompts to Sylvester, Twan and Big Man with his gun to leave, Bridget stops him and admits paying Big Man and even admitted that she knew that James had been cheating on her with Gwendolyn, saying that she had followed him around. When James demands to know what Bridget is really telling him, Bridget says that Big Man is her baby's father, which negates her previous excuse from chapter 8 as being "that time of the month". Big Man again faints at the news.

Kelly switches from first person (as Sylvester) to third person narrative in the middle of this chapter as the focus fades away from his character.

Ending cliffhanger-outro line: "The midget faints again, while Twan and Sylvester is trippin. The midget's the baby's daddy. Woo!"
Chapter 12
Diagram of all relationships up to Chapter 22 of Trapped in the Closet

Back at Cathy's house, she, Rufus and Chuck get up from the floor. After Cathy closes the door, she and Rufus argue about the reasons why Sylvester almost shot at them in Chapter 3, with Cathy angered about Rufus "creeping" around with Chuck, who is the deacon of Rufus' church, telling him "ain't no telling what I've got," referring to sexually transmitted diseases. Chuck gets angry at this and threatens Cathy with a knife, which prompts Cathy to force him to do it. Rufus then calms them down and tries to resolve the matter but neither Cathy or Chuck listen, as they continue arguing, even as the phone rings. When it rings a second time, Cathy answers it and it is Gwendolyn and she begins telling Cathy about the drama that had gone on. When Gwendolyn mentions that she saw Sylvester in Paje's club with "some crusty wig-wearing ass ho," Cathy realizes the man she had slept with that night was Sylvester. When Cathy tries telling her who the "ho" was, Gwendolyn stops her and tells her more about James and his situation. When an angry Rufus demands Cathy to finish their conversation, Cathy shuts Gwendolyn up and tells her she was the "ho" that had been with Sylvester.


Directed by
  • R. Kelly
  • Jim Swaffield
Produced by
  • R. Kelly
  • Ann Carli
  • Barry Weiss
  • Elliot Lewis Rosenblatt
  • Rick Johnson
Written by R. Kelly
Based on Trapped in the Closet
by R. Kelly
  • R. Kelly
  • Cat Wilson
  • Rolando A. Boyce
  • LeShay Tomlinson
  • Malik Middleton
  • Eric Lane
Music by R. Kelly
Cinematography David Hennings
Edited by
  • Victor Mignatti
  • Jim Swaffield
  • Fuzzy Bunny Productions
  • Relevant
Distributed by
  • Jive/SBMG (2005–2008)
  • RCA/SME (2009–present)
Release date
October 1, 2005 (Chapter 1–12)
August 21, 2007 (Chapters 13–22)
December 2007 (The Big Package)
November 23, 2012 (The Next Installment)
Running time
Country United States
Language English










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