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Dragon Blade DVD 2015 天將雄師 - A sas és a Sárkány / Directed by Daniel Lee / Starring: Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Lin Peng, Mika Wang

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Dragon Blade DVD 2015 天將雄師 - A sas és a Sárkány / Directed by Daniel Lee / Starring: Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Lin Peng, Mika Wang

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AUDIO: English 5.1 Hungarian 5.1, Czech 5.1

SUBTITLES: Hungarian, Czech



English Summary:

In northwest China, 48 BC (50 BC on screen in the English version), a security company under Han China's current government called The Silk Road Protection Squad is committed to stopping battles and promoting the idea of peace. Huo An (Jackie Chan), the captain, successfully averts a battle. The group returns to their unnamed home city, where Huo An's gentle Uyghur wife Xiuqing (Mika Wang) serves as a schoolteacher for orphans. However, the government uncovers evidence that someone in the group is corrupt, causing the entire group to be sentenced to construction work at Wild Geese Gate, a ruined fortress. Once they arrive, the group pays respects at the shrine of a fallen Chinese general. They originally were child-slaves of Han descent, but the general had later rescued them.

Not long after, Wild Geese Gate is threatened by a legion from the Roman Empire in need of water and supplies, among which is a blind boy named Publius (Jozef Waite). After a stale-mated duel between Huo An and Lucius (Cusack), the Roman general, the latter agrees not to assault the city in return for being let inside. The legion uses its superior engineering skills to speed up the construction work, an act which boosts the morale and happiness of the inhabitants, who are divided among several different ethnic groups, such as Chinese, Uyghur, and Turkic. Huo An returns the favor by sending men to assist Lucius's envoys in reaching the Parthian Empire. A celebration is later held and Huo An is made an honorary centurion.


Hungarian Summary:

A Kínában kolosszális sikert aratott hihetetlenül látványos és akciódús történelmi film főszereplői Jackie Chan, John Cusack és az Oscar®-díjas Adrien Brody. A Selyemút fennhatóságáért folytatott harcban kelet és nyugat feszül egymásnak. Amikor Tiberius, a korrupt római császár (Brody) hatalmas hadseregével megérkezik, hogy elfoglalja a Selyemutat, Huo An (Chan) és jól képzett katonái szövetséget kötnek Lucius tábornokkal (Cusack) és dezertőrökből álló légiójával, hogy megőrizzék a térségben fennálló rendet. Országának védelmére, Huo An megpróbálja maga mellé állítani mind a 36 nemzetet, hogy gigászi csatában küzdjenek meg a rómaiakkal…

Chinese Summary:




Cast / Szereplők:

  • Jackie Chan as Huo An (霍安)[12]
  • John Cusack as Lucius
  • Adrien Brody as Tiberius
  • Lin Peng[14] as Cold Moon
  • Mika Wang[14] as Xiu Qing (Huo An's Wife)
  • Choi Siwon as Yin Po
  • Xiao Yang as Captain
  • Wang Taili as Rat
  • Sammy Hung as Red Sun
  • Yoo Seung-jun as Cougar
  • Lorie Pester[15] as a Parthian Queen
  • Vanness Wu[16] as Christian
  • Karena Lam as Karena
  • Feng Shaofeng as General Huo Qubing (Han Chinese General)
  • Sharni Vinson as Lady Crassus
  • Jozef Waite as Publius (The Roman Prince)
  • Philippe Joly as Decimus
  • James Lee Guy (uncredited) as Eugene



Traditional 天將雄師
Simplified 天将雄师
Mandarin Tiān Jiàng Xióng Shī
Cantonese Tin¹ Zeong³ Hung⁴ Si¹
Literally "Celestial General, Heroic Army"
Directed by Daniel Lee
Produced by
  • Jackie Chan
  • Susanna Tsang
Written by Daniel Lee
  • Jackie Chan
  • John Cusack
  • Lin Peng
  • Mika Wang
  • Choi Siwon
  • Adrien Brody
Music by Henry Lai Wan-man
Cinematography Tony Cheung
Edited by Yau Chi-wai
  • Beijing Cultural Assets Chinese Film & Television Fund
  • Home Media and Entertainment
  • Huayi Brothers
    Shanghai Film Group
  • Shenzhen Tencent Video Culture Communication
  • Sparkle Roll Cultural Media
  • Visualizer Films
  • Lionsgate Films
Distributed by
  • SFC Film (China)
  • Intercontinental Film Distributors (HK) Ltd. (Hong Kong)
  • Lionsgate Premiere (US)
Release date
  • 18 February 2015 (Taiwan)
  • 19 February 2015 (China)
  • 12 March 2015 (Hong Kong)
  • 4 September 2015 (United States)
Running time
99 minutes
  • China
  • Hong Kong

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