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Aftershock DVD 2010 唐山大地震 / Directed by Feng Xiaogang / Starring: Zhang Jingchu, Li Chen, Xu Fan, Zhang Guoqiang

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Aftershock DVD 2010 唐山大地震 / Directed by Feng Xiaogang / Starring: Zhang Jingchu, Li Chen, Xu Fan, Zhang Guoqiang

ISBN: 9787885283971 / 978-7885283971



AUDIO: Chinese (Mandarin) 5.1

SUBTITLES: Simplified Chinese

Runtime: 135 minutes


English Summary:

Aftershock is a 2010 Chinese disaster-drama film directed by Feng Xiaogang and produced by Huayi Brothers, starring Zhang Zifeng, Xu Fan, Zhang Jingchu, Chen Daoming, Lu Yi, Zhang Guoqiang and Li Chen. The film is based on a novella by Zhang Ling and depicts the aftermath of the 1976 Tangshan earthquake. It was released in China on 22 July 2010, and is the first "big commercial film" IMAX film created outside the United States. The film was a major box office success, and has grossed more than US$100 million at the Chinese box office.

Li Yuanni and her husband, Fang Daqiang, and their twin children, Fang Deng and Fang Da, live in a small apartment in Tangshan. One night in 1976, after putting their children to bed, the couple make love in the back of their truck. An earthquake suddenly breaks out, causing buildings to crumble and disintegrate. While rushing back to save their children, Fang pulls Li back and runs ahead of her but gets instantly crushed and killed by falling debris. Their apartment block collapses and traps their children under a pile of rubble.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, a rescue team informs Li that her twins are trapped under a large slab of concrete. Lifting up the slab in any way will cause one of her children to die, so she can only choose one to save. Feeling heartbroken, Li decides to save her son, Fang Da. The girl, Fang Deng, survives and regains consciousness later to find herself among several dead bodies.

Assumed to be an orphan, Fang Deng is adopted by a military couple, Wang Deqing and Dong Guilan, who bring her back to their home in Beijing. She is renamed Wang Deng after taking on her adoptive father's surname. Ten years later, she moves away from home to study in a university in Hangzhou, where she meets a graduate student, Yang Zhi, and begins an intimate relationship with him. When Fang Deng is in her third year, her adoptive mother becomes critically ill. Before dying, she asks Fang Deng to use the money they have saved to find her real family. Fang Deng soon finds out that she is pregnant. Despite being pressured by Yang Zhi to undergo an abortion, she refuses to do so, and secretly drops out of university, loses contact with Yang and does not return home. Wang Deqing meets with Yang Zhi and blames him for causing Fang Deng to leave.


Chinese Summary:







  • Zhang Jingchu as Fang Deng
    • Wendy Zhang as Fang Deng (child)
  • Li Chen as Fang DaXu Fan as Li Yuanni, the Fang twins' mother
    • Zhang Jiajun as Fang Da (child)
  • Zhang Guoqiang as Fang Daqiang, the Fang twins' father
  • Chen Daoming as Wang Deqing, Fang Deng's adoptive father
  • Chen Jin as Dong Guilan, Fang Deng's adoptive mother
  • Lu Yi as Yang Zhi, Fang Deng's boyfriend in university
  • Lü Zhong as the Fang twins' grandmother
  • Yong Mei as the Fang twins' aunt
  • Wang Ziwen as Xiaohe, Fang Da's wife
  • David F. Morris as Alexander, Fang Deng's husband
  • Yang Lixin as Niu, the Fang family's neighbour


Chinese 唐山大地震
Mandarin Tángshān Dà Dìzhèn
Directed by Feng Xiaogang
Produced by Huayi Brothers
Screenplay by Su Xiaowei
Story by Zhang Ling
Starring Zhang Jingchu
Li Chen
Xu Fan
Zhang Guoqiang
Chen Daoming
Chen Jin
Lu Yi
Music by Wang Liguang
Cinematography Lü Yue
Edited by Xiao Yang
Distributed by Huayi Brothers
Release date
  • 22 July 2010
Running time
135 minutes
Country China
Language Mandarin


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