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I'LL PAY YOU BACK - Help for those who have lost a child [Paperback]

I'LL PAY YOU BACK - Help for those who have lost a child [Paperback]

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I'LL PAY YOU BACK - Help for those who have lost a child

I'll pay you back. Predicting how one's value system will hold up in a storm of life, is almost as impossible as predicting the storm itself. The tests of life reveal the mettle, the guts, the inner strength in which an individual puts forth his best foot. But when the boat starts to rock, the seeming best equipped may go to pieces, grasping at match-sticks that were imagined as beams, discovering a dichotomy between hearts and head by contrast, the least esteemed may handle the same situation with poise and grace. In any case, when the overwhelming scourge comes as a thief to ravage and strip, there is no respect for any man's personal agility. These unique moments that may occur but once per lifetime, are a reckoning time with God himself. In our fright or guilt or arrogance we may resist Him unknowingly, but we were destined for this day. This critical fork on life's road is more like a T. A turn to the left or turn to the right can change the rest of my life or even my eternity. This is a short but powerful story of one such pilgrim, who discovered the perfect timing of a personal God to be liberating, but not without a struggle.... Thomas Sliva About the Author Thomas Sliva, an ordained Pastor, residing in Baltimore, Maryland opens his heart in a transparent way that only a father who has lost his young son to cancer can explain. His story is a heartfelt one like none you have read before. He says " One day you realize you have a story to tell and just start writing. You don't consider yourself a writer but, the motivation is there. You want others to know what you went through, mainly so they could realize the extent. You feel it could help others to understand what their beloveds are experiencing.

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Grace Publication (2010)
  • Language: English

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